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Just Be A Kid

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high heels“Stop trying to grow up so fast.” I told my oldest. This was the beginning of our heart to heart talk that we had a few nights ago. It all started while shoe shopping on Saturday afternoon. I hate shoe shopping let me say that. I can never find what I want. I like comfort, but I can’t wear flip flops. The thing that goes between your toes, just kills me. I wore them as a kid, but adulthood, nope, ain’t happening. I am a casual girl. Never felt comfortable in heels either, always wore flats. So…Oldest is bored while I try on my 10th pair, trying to find something that would go with my everyday mom clothes, yet looks nice enough if we did happen to go out to eat again, this year!

Now Oldest has always, always, always, liked high heel shoes. I remember taking her in when she was younger and she went straight for a pair of red heels and immediately tried them on. She couldn’t walk in them of course, but it was fun back then to see her in them. This time, since she was bored, she got to looking at heels and found a pair of black ones. Oh boy they were fancy. They were atleast 4″ tall and I cringed thinking about trying to stand in them, let alone walk. She asked if she could try them on and I said go ahead. She rocked those shoes. She walked around that store like a boss. Falling in love with them. I asked how could she walk in them, she said it was super easy. She sure made it look like it too. She finally set down to take them off and looked at the price. They were on sale for $35.00. She tells me the price and I didn’t really say anything to her. Then she asks if she could have them. “NO!” I said. “Well, can I have a different pair, a cheaper pair?” I said “You can look for sandals.” But no, she wanted heels. Then she starts following me down the isle. “Come on, all the kids wear them.” “I don’t care what they wear, you aren’t getting heels at 11 years old.” I was done with the conversation, but she wasn’t. She kept going on and on about having heels and why can’t she and how she never gets what she wants…blah blah blah.  I was listening, trying not to blow my top at her right in the middle of the store. I finally decided on a pair and we headed up to the counter.

Later that evening, she was sitting on the couch and the conversation turned back to those heels. How she just wanted them so bad. “How old do I have to be to wear them?” I said, “Maybe 15 or 16.” She didn’t like that answer. “Well,you are not getting them at 11, that’s for sure!” Then I said, “Stop trying to grow up so fast.” She started to walk away from me. I stopped her. She reluctantly turned back around. “You are 11, you have 18 years to be a kid. Be a kid. After that, if you live to be 80 years old you have 60 plus years to be an adult. You get me?” She didn’t say anything. I could tell, she was letting it sink in. I said it all to her again. Then I said, “And you are half way there baby girl. You have 7 years left to be a kid. Please, be a kid.” “Be my kid.”  She sat back down on the couch. We were both quiet for a little bit. Then she started talking about some silly video she seen on You Tube. Not another word about the shoes were mentioned. And the rest of the evening went pretty well. 🙂

Too Cute

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Giving Little L a bath.
She looks in the mirror…

L: Bye. Bye. *waves to her self*
L: Bye. *starts walking away*
L: Bye. *still waving and walking*
L: Ohhh.  *Sad face,  walks back to mirror*
*Gives herself a hug and a kiss*

Tooo darn cute, I have to admit!  😉

Who would have known that this little contraption would be a sanity saver. Let me tell you all about this beauty…it slices, it dices, it pulverizes! No wait sorry wrong kitchen gadget.  😉

You don’t realize how much you need one until yours quits working, that’s for sure. My old one decided it had lived a good life and decided it was time to move on. It gave its last turn last Wednesday night, around dinner. Then I went to the store like the next day and forgot to pick one up.  I did not remember until the next evening when I went to use it. Man, I thought I was going to have to use my teeth that day.


I finally got this little beauty and it works like a dream. And it was under
4 bucks, too. 🙂

That is what I was doing this evening, minding my own business, when a call came through my husbands phone.

My hubby likes to look through the ads on Craigslist and he loves to tinker with projects. Today he found a go cart for a descent price, close by, that he was interested in for the girls to play on for awhile. When I got home from the store, he had me look at the ad. I said ok, so he asked me to call the guy, while he went outside to do something. I got his phone and called. No answer, went to voicemail. I left a message. Within 5 minutes he calls back, saying that he had someone on there way to pick it up. I said “oh ok then, thanks for calling me back.” Usually no one calls since I have an out of state phone number. Then he asks, so where is 702 at? I told him Nevada. “But I’m right up the road by such and such. We are just too lazy to change the phone number.” (Now mind you I said “WE“). Then he laughed and I laughed. He was pretty nice. Then he said, if the guy didn’t show, he would call me back. I thanked him and that was pretty much the conversation. Oldest ran out and told daddy that it was probably sold and we went on with our evening.

Later on, around 8 p.m., Oldest and I was watching The Voice, yes we are addicts now, his phone rang. I answered, It was the go cart guy. “Sorry to call so late, hope I didn’t wake you.” He starts out. “The guy came and bought the go cart.” Now I am thinking, why are you calling me 5 hours later, to tell me that it was sold. I kinda figured it was. But I was nice. I said again, “ok, well thanks for calling me back.” Then he said No problem, and he was like tripping over his words. I then said. Good night. He said alright thanks, or something like that and we both ended in bye. Everyone you deal with on Craigslist is weird anyways, so I overlooked this and Oldest asked me what was going on. I told her what he said, and we both figured he was going through his phone calling everyone back.

About 5 minutes went past and I heard my hubby coming in the back door, he was done for the night, when his phone went off again. This time a text. I automatically thought it to be our neighbor, so Oldest got up to check. She looked at it, with a weird expression, then hollered at her dad. I asked her who or what it said and she said she didn’t know. Hubby walked over to the counter, asking who it was. I said it must be a secret because she wouldn’t tell me. Then he read the text and said, “Really Lesa, Really!” “What?” “What did I do?” He then said, “This is for you!” I got up to see what all the hub bub was about. It was a text from the guy with the go cart. He sent a picture of himself, asked if I was single, and wanted to know if I would like to have dinner with him. I immediately broke out into a loud laugh. Hubby didn’t find it so amusing. I did. I thought it was hilarious. That is why the guy called at 8 p.m., that is why he was failing at talking. He was trying to ask me out. Now how can you ask out someone that you spoke to on the phone for no more then a mere 5 minutes?  I guess it was just my southern accent that got him. I kept laughing, hubby kept looking at me. I told him everything I said to the guy. Even my mom came out of her room, because she heard us talking and me laughing so loudly. She thought it was funny, Oldest thought it was funny. Hubby…no, not so funny. I was completely embarrassed too, I could feel my face turning red as I kept telling him it wasn’t anything I did. He was sooooo jealous. Finally the shoe was on the other foot. He loves to make me jealous, didn’t feel so good since the tables were turned.

I usually don’t like to call on whatever he is interested in at the time. Like I said, people are strange, some are nice, some aren’t. I always seem to get the ones that aren’t. So maybe next time he will think twice about asking me to call.



I have been kinda down in the dumps the past several days. Feeling kinda blah and not having anything that sparked my interest to give me that jump to write something for my blog. I hate when I feel like this. I mean, lots of things are going on, just when I try to write it down, I get tired. The words are not flowing correctly and I want to go to sleep.

Anywho…tonight we went out to dinner. It has been a very, very long time since that has happened.  I was still pregnant the last time we went.  My hubby came in around 5 p.m. and asked what I was doing. I was starting to make the same ole thing, that I always make, because we are in a rut and can’t seem to get creative with dinner, since Little L is soooooo darn picky and only will eat mashed potatoes, carrots and mac and cheese. So here I was starting to peel the first potato when he asked. I looked at him like he was crazy and then he said, “You want me to buy you dinner?” I dropped the knife in the sink and we laughed. After a few minutes of trying to decide where to go, we both picked IHOP. Which is our favorite place to go when we do eat out. This being the first time Little L would actually get to go in and set down at a table. She did pretty good at first, the crayon and coloring page kept her interest for about 10 minutes. We decided on what we all wanted to eat and the waitress asked if we wanted Little L’s order to be out first. We said yes, and she went on. Well, I know they make the food when you order, but geeze Louise, they took forever. Even with the Little one’s order. By the time it got there, she had written on the table, the high chair and had thrown the crayons on the floor several times. But let me say when her food did arrive, and she got the first bite in her, she was a whole different person. I had ordered her chicken and waffles off the kids menu. While the chicken cooled, she chowed down on the waffles. Daddy put strawberry syrup on her plate and she was a very happy little dipper. She started waving her arms in the air like she had just struck gold. It was hilarious. She had us laughing so hard, I couldn’t see straight. Then she started telling everyone bye as they left. There was only one guy sitting on the side we were at. I don’t know why, but that was fine with us. Little L had a view of the other part of the dining area, so when someone got up, she would holler bye to them. Then the waitress that was waiting on the guy, come in to check on him and turned around to leave, L said bye to her and blew her a kiss. I think this was due to the fact that she was eating waffles and syrup for dinner, but it was way too cute. Oldest and I both said we should be filming this.

We were all starving by the time our food arrived, but it was good. Except for my BLT, the bread was burnt and so was the bacon. I muddled through the best I could, because I hate to send food back. Little L shared some of my onion rings. She liked the breading the best. When we were done, daddy asked Little L if she was going to act like a monkey if he got her out of the high chair. She then started making monkey noises and they were pretty good, and also very loud. We all busted out laughing. I mean, what else would you do? I went up to pay and got 4 dollars taken off the bill,  I told the girl that the toast was burnt on my sandwich, so she gave me a discount. I thought that was cool of them.

After we got home, L ran like a wild baby for awhile. Oldest and I just wanted to catch the rest of The Voice, and it was hard with her running and screaming and wanting Oldest to play with her. Oldest was also complaining of a sore throat most of the day, and once we got home, she said it was really bothering her. After the show went off, I gave her some medicine, made her gargle some salt water, and she went on to bed. Hopefully she will feel better in the morning. *fingers crossed*



Something New

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Trying something new for dinner tonight, so far I have set the smoke alarm off twice… They say 3rd times a charm or it it 3rd time means order pizza? Hum??? 😉


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Talking with Oldest earlier. She is going to have a sleepover on Friday night, but we are not for sure if it will be here or there.  She tells me about how they all talk with their mouths full at dinner time, and she is the only one that covers her mouth to talk while eating. Then she goes, I  also keep my shoulders off the table too. We both realized what she said and bursted out laughing. Of course I had to face palm and shake my head.  😉


You know that commercial where the mom and daughter pull the fridge out from the wall and have that look of disgust waffe over them, when they see the rotten banana that the younger kid threw behind it? Yea, that is me like right now, but I can’t find the rotten banana or the browning apple, or that decaying piece of cantaloup that she, Little L, has hidden from me.

It can’t be something simple like wet dog, that was yesterday, since it rained and the dog couldn’t decide weather he needs to be in or out. Oh no, not that easy. We have looked high and we have looked low. We took all the books off of the shelf, every toy has been picked up and inspected. Cracks and crevices have been looked into also. Where is that smell coming from? The best part, I am the only one that can smell it. Great! Now I have a complex. 😛



Oh my Little L, you are learning so much. You learned your body parts over a month ago, now you are actually saying most of the names to match. It’s so wonderful to hear your sweet tiny voice. Today, you pointed to my ear and said the word without any prompting. Then we looked at the dog and his ears. You wanted so much to touch them, but you are still a bit timid around him at times. They other night, as we were going to sleep,  you pointed to my eye and said the word. That was your first body part word. I do have to be careful, cause that finger coming at my eye still scares me, after that time you poked me in it and sometimes it still hurts.

We think it is way cute how your n’s come out as m’s. You started saying the word no but it comes out “mo”. At dinner a couple of days ago,  you actually shook your finger back and forth and said, “mo mo mo” at me. We all busted out laughing. That’s ok though. You will figure out that n sound soon enough.

You are a pretty smart cookie, and although you can’t say alot right now, you know exactly what we are saying a good part of the time. All those words will be coming very, very soon.

Now if I could just get you to stop smearing yogurt through your hair…

Annie Who?

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The kids an and I were playing around tonight. Oldest is always trying to perfect her “creepiest” smile. After a couple of tries, I decided to play too. We both turn to each other, making our eyes go wild and our smile crazy, like in the movie,  Insidious.   We get closer to each other by leaning in, our faces almost touching. Then Oldest whispers in a scary voice, “Annie says Hi.”  Then I said, “Who the hell is Annie?” Laughter ensued and of course we had to go tell daddy about how funny we are. 🙂