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Test… can you see me???

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This is a test. If I  post from my computer, it is not showing up in my Blogs I Follow area. I have checked my categories and it only showed up in one of them.
Is this or has it happened to anyone else. I had no problems till last night. My editor has changed too.


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It’s Friday, Friday…


Puppy Kisses

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Little L loves to give out kisses. She will run from daddy to me, to grandma to sissy, kissing each of us oh so sweetly on the cheek.

puppy kissesLittle L also loves to pretend she is a puppy. She will stick her tongue out and start making panting noises. Yesterday, she crawled up onto my lap, stuck out her tongue and took my hand and petted herself on her head with it. “Oh you are such a good puppy!” I said. She loves it when I do this. I then said, “Are you going to give me some puppy kisses?” She was quite ready to do so. I bent closer to her so she could lick my cheek. Nope, she didn’t want my cheek. She wanted my lips. One lick straight up. “Awww, you are a good puppy.” She licked me again. “OK, that’s enough, puppy.” I told her. Not for her. She licked me all over my chin and lips. It was rather funny. Here I am, trying to get her to stop and she is not giving up at all. I started yelling out help, while laughing so hard. By the time she was done, I was covered in “puppy drool.” I asked her if she was a bull dog, it was that bad. 🙂