On A Roll

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Babies, blog, Daughter, funny, humor, kids, parenting, toddlers

So far this week,  Hurricane L has…
1. Pulled a kitchen drawer out so hard and fast, that it hit the floor and broke into pieces.
2. Pulled a blind down on her head.
3. Tore the screen out of the new screen door daddy installed yesterday.
4. Made a hole in the living room wall from slamming the front door into it so hard.
5. Carried the dogs water bowl into the living room, then spilled it all.
6. Pulled her diaper off, pranced around the house. Then peed from one end of the room to the other before we could catch her.

That’s just how she rolls! 😉

So how is your Wednesday going?

  1. Wow! You’re making me a little nervous for the walking stage haha…Annabelle is trying so hard to stand but I think I have a couple months to prepare.

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