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Just Be A Kid

Posted: March 17, 2015 in blog, Daughter, kids, tweens
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high heels“Stop trying to grow up so fast.” I told my oldest. This was the beginning of our heart to heart talk that we had a few nights ago. It all started while shoe shopping on Saturday afternoon. I hate shoe shopping let me say that. I can never find what I want. I like comfort, but I can’t wear flip flops. The thing that goes between your toes, just kills me. I wore them as a kid, but adulthood, nope, ain’t happening. I am a casual girl. Never felt comfortable in heels either, always wore flats. So…Oldest is bored while I try on my 10th pair, trying to find something that would go with my everyday mom clothes, yet looks nice enough if we did happen to go out to eat again, this year!

Now Oldest has always, always, always, liked high heel shoes. I remember taking her in when she was younger and she went straight for a pair of red heels and immediately tried them on. She couldn’t walk in them of course, but it was fun back then to see her in them. This time, since she was bored, she got to looking at heels and found a pair of black ones. Oh boy they were fancy. They were atleast 4″ tall and I cringed thinking about trying to stand in them, let alone walk. She asked if she could try them on and I said go ahead. She rocked those shoes. She walked around that store like a boss. Falling in love with them. I asked how could she walk in them, she said it was super easy. She sure made it look like it too. She finally set down to take them off and looked at the price. They were on sale for $35.00. She tells me the price and I didn’t really say anything to her. Then she asks if she could have them. “NO!” I said. “Well, can I have a different pair, a cheaper pair?” I said “You can look for sandals.” But no, she wanted heels. Then she starts following me down the isle. “Come on, all the kids wear them.” “I don’t care what they wear, you aren’t getting heels at 11 years old.” I was done with the conversation, but she wasn’t. She kept going on and on about having heels and why can’t she and how she never gets what she wants…blah blah blah.  I was listening, trying not to blow my top at her right in the middle of the store. I finally decided on a pair and we headed up to the counter.

Later that evening, she was sitting on the couch and the conversation turned back to those heels. How she just wanted them so bad. “How old do I have to be to wear them?” I said, “Maybe 15 or 16.” She didn’t like that answer. “Well,you are not getting them at 11, that’s for sure!” Then I said, “Stop trying to grow up so fast.” She started to walk away from me. I stopped her. She reluctantly turned back around. “You are 11, you have 18 years to be a kid. Be a kid. After that, if you live to be 80 years old you have 60 plus years to be an adult. You get me?” She didn’t say anything. I could tell, she was letting it sink in. I said it all to her again. Then I said, “And you are half way there baby girl. You have 7 years left to be a kid. Please, be a kid.” “Be my kid.”  She sat back down on the couch. We were both quiet for a little bit. Then she started talking about some silly video she seen on You Tube. Not another word about the shoes were mentioned. And the rest of the evening went pretty well. 🙂