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Accomplishment…you know the feeling. The feeling of actually getting something done. Something that has been needing to be done, but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it.  Well folks, today was my day to finally accomplish…mopping my kitchen, dining area and living room.
You see, I have linoleum in the kitchen and dining area, and tile floor in the living room. Both are good size. The tile has been a life saver with miss messy pants and an overgrown pup for a dog. But mopping these areas are not done close together. Nope I wait and wait till I just can’t handle it anymore.

y u no mop

Why you ask? Well I will tell you…because I know, deep down, that as soon as I get done, something is going to be spilled, someone is gonna walk through with dirt on their shoes, and that overgrown pup of ours is going to drip water throughout the kitchen after he drinks half his bowl. So yes, I wait.

cleaning pointless

Last night, I was thinking about how nice it looks when it is all clean and shiny. No more dirt spots, no dried banana bits stuck to the floor, no more smear marks from kid or dog. Ahhhh….so nice. Then I stepped. And my foot stuck. What the what? Dear hubby gave miss messy pants a freezer pop earlier and she dripped it throughout the two rooms. I asked why didn’t you put her up in her chair. His answer, “she was having too much fun running the house.” I told him he was mopping the next time. 🙂

cleaning with kids