Archive for February 16, 2015

Little L has really been pushing my buttons lately. She will be 20 months old this week. I guess she is doing what all 20 month olds are doing to their parents. Making them want to pull their hair out and pushing them to the edge of insanity. My little one is pretty good at it. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. If you don’t comply,  there is heck to pay, my friend. Heck. To. Pay.

She actually had me in tears the other night. I get her in the bath, she won’t sit down. She knows exactly what I am saying, she just keeps leaning over the side of the tub. She won’t play, she won’t sit, giving me a heck of a time while I wash her up. I am constantly saying sit down play with your toys. Oldest comes in and she is trying to get her to play, when little L leans one more time over the edge and out pops a not so wonderful surprise. Man, it just kept coming too. Oldest asks if she should get her out. I am literally screaming “YES” at her while trying to fish the floaters that have joined us, out of the water. Let me tell you, I am TIRED of this bath time routine she has gotten herself into.  I broke down and cried as I cleaned up the tub. “I just can’t win.” I kept saying, over and over. Oldest thinks I am insane in the membrane by now.

For Valentine’s, Oldest picked out 2 cute coloring books and a pack of crayons for her sis. L just loves them. It is so cute to watch her scribble on every page and then when she gets tired of that, she starts coloring on the coffee table. Big bold marks all over the light colored top. When I finally get her to stop, she takes off with the crayon and tries to put some beautiful artwork on the walls, before I can get to her. She is very quick, and has a grip on her that you wouldn’t believe. It takes 2 most of the time to get whatever she should not have out of her hands.

I always heard how the 2’s are the terrible years…what about the months before? Please don’t tell me it gets worse. I don’t think I can handle much more. 🙂