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Solo Trip

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Today we let Oldest do something that I would have never done at her age. Today we drove her to the library and *gulp* left her there for 2 hours by herself. Yes you heard correctly, By. Herself. 2. Hours. Her dad told her a few days ago that maybe we would let her do the alone trip one day for like an hour just to see how it goes. She got very excited and talked about it for the rest of the day. You see, the last time I went in with her, she said that I didn’t have to follow her around. Like I was embarrassing her or something. I guess she ran off and told dear daddy when we got home that mom was following her around and she didn’t like it. She tells on me alot.

Since he told her that she could do this solo outing, she made plans for me to take her Tuesday. Well, who would have thought that I would get a head cold Sunday night and didn’t feel like going anywhere for 2 days. She was a little miffed at me when I told her no, so I had to make a deal with her. I promised my mom to take her to the store, so when I did that, I would take her to the library. She was cool with that. Today was that day.

We went over the rules of staying in the building, no talking with strangers other then the library employees, (kids were fine) keep the phone on at all times. She knew to call daddy if she needed someone immediately, since we live like 5 minutes away. I dropped her off at 1 and watched as she headed into the building. We drove on up to walmart to do our Valentine shopping. 2 p.m. came really fast, we weren’t even half done, I texted her. No answer back. I waited then called. Went to voice mail. I texted her dad. Nope, hadn’t heard from her. Ok…don’t panic, not in front of your mom because she was against the idea all along. A few minutes, altho it seemed longer, went by. She calls. YES! she is whispering that she didn’t hear the phone. “Are you doing ok?” “Yes, I’m good.” “Ok, it will be a little longer.” “That’s fine mom.” The ‘mom, you are annoying me’ tone sets in. “Alright, I’ll see you later.” I barely got an I love you in before she hung up. Texted dad all is good. We finally got through about 3. I texted her I was on my way. Got there and she wasn’t outside yet. Checked my phone, no text back. I park and call. Again no answer.  Ugh. I get out and walk in side. She was looking at her phone, then she seen me. She was talking  with another girl, I heard her tell her she had to go. She had a stack of cd’s, a couple of books, and a couple of movies to check out. On our way to the car, she told me I got there too soon. “You were there 2 hours!” I said very loudly. “Another hour would have been good.” She added.

My little girl is growing up. It will take me awhile to get used to not going in with her. But you can’t hold their hands forever, right? Even though you may want to.

Thanks for reading.  🙂