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Before you begin reading I just wanted to say that I originally titled this Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. After reading what I had written, I wasn’t quite happy with it. I realized that there are so many things that we take for granted. Having hair is one of them. I want to dedicate this post to Locks of Love. They do some wonderful things for the children with cancer.

Now back to the original post in its entirety.  Thank you! 🙂

What is with men and long hair, I ask you? Why is it such a big deal to some that you never cut your hair. My husband, love him, but sometimes I would love to kick him square in the arse, is like this. Everytime I mention getting my hair cut or even trimmed he starts. “You know I don’t like short hair.” (Mine is a little past my shoulders.)  “It’s not going to be short, just an inch or two off the bottom.”  “That’s alot, if you wouldn’t cut on it, it would be long.” “Well sometimes you have to cut it. To get the dead ends off and it makes it look better,” I tell him. “No I like it how it is.” Then I say, “Well I don’t!” That is the end of the discusion that takes place every month and to avoid an even bigger argument, I don’t get it cut. 😦

Oldest has long hair and she begged him all last summer to get it cut. No, he wouldn’t let her, so up in a bun or poneytail it would go. In 100 degree heat, it just isn’t fun to have hair wrapped around your neck constantly. We told him that and argued that he wasn’t the one wearing it. He was not hearing it. Then, I came up with the suggestion of donating her hair to Locks of Love. She was all for it. After I told him what it was,  he was fine with that. We looked up the website to see what we had to do. First, it had to be at least a minimum of 10 inches. We measured, 10 put it right around her shoulders. You know what he said? No it had to be longer for her to get it cut. OMG man, what the heck is up with you? It is hair, it will grow back. Her hair seems to grow pretty fast anyways.

So now another year has gone by. She needs it cut. It is starting to look straggely.  Her hair is so thick, when you pick it up the underneath is so much darker, it just never sees the light of day. It’s hard to wash, it dries fast and hard to get the hair underneath wet, and now she has to flip it over her shoulder to use the rest room. If that isn’t enough reasons to get it cut, here is another. It. Is. Everywhere!   I even have pulled some off of Little L that has wrapped its way around her or gets in her clothes from the wash.

We measured again the other day and the 10 inch mark puts it at the bottom of her shoulder blades. Which we both agree, is a good length. She can still braid, bun or poneytail it with no problem. We told her dad and he finally has said ok. So sometime in the next week or so we will finally be getting it cut. I think I am more excited then she is. She hasn’t had shorter hair since she was around 7.  It will be a big change, but I think she will like it. 🙂 And maybe I will just have them take an inch or so off mine as well, while we are at it!! 😉