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We made it through the doctor’s appointment on Friday. Little L only had to get 1 shot, I am very grateful for that one. Oldest had to get 2. L started crying the minute she got on the scales to be weighed. Actually it was the minute the nurse touched her head to see how tall she was. She lost it. Sobbed all the way down the hall, in the room as he checked her temp, measured her head and listened to her heart. I finally dug the paci out of the diaper bag and it helped for a little bit. Then on to Oldest, he took her temp, blood pressure, asked her some questions. He left and little L settled down and started to take a look around. Last time, she did really good while the nurse was in and she didn’t get upset until it was time for shots. This time…Oh Nelly! The doc came in, and she started crying again. We got through the question part, “are they eating a well balanced diet?” “Best I can get them to.” “Is L saying atleast 10 words?” “I believe she does, but don’t count on her to say them again, unless it is sissy. She loves saying sissy.” She said that both of them were on the high side of how much they should weigh for their age. L gained 5 pounds in 4 months. I don’t know how, she spits out more then she swallows and I told the doctor that. Apparently she drinks too much milk, I give her around 20 oz. a day, she should only get 16. Oldest doesn’t drink enough milk, she told the nurse guy she drank 2 glasses a day and he said she should drink more, but didn’t give her a number. Any concerns, she asked. Yes, Oldest still has a lump on her back that hasn’t gone away. She seemed as if she didn’t know what we were talking about, and she was the same doctor we seen last year, and the info should have been in her file for her to look at. So we told her about last year, in the ER and then coming in to see her. She looked at her back and checked out her heart. Everything sounded and looked good. Then she said that since she was a little overweight, that she wanted to run some blood work to see if she had any thyroid problems. She also ordered X-rays for her back that we still have to go have done. Also, she wants her to go see a physical therapist, that should be calling me sometime this coming week, for back strengthening exercises just in case it is just a muscle bulging out.

We got the blood work done on Saturday morning. She ordered a slew of tests to be ran, since Oldest had never had any type of blood work done before. They had to take 4 viles full. Oldest handled it really well. Only twice did she look as if she was saying “hurry up lady” with her eyes. She was starving by the time we got out, luckily dad told her to take some food. She scarfed down a pb and j sandwich on the ride home and wished she had made 2. Now I have to call to see about getting the x-ray. I don’t know if I need an appointment or if it is just walk on in. Then it is just waiting on results to see if there is anything to worry about with her back. The x-ray sheet does say Scoliosis check.

Little L also needs blood work, I have been putting that off since she turned 1. I was going to take them both in Saturday morning, but hubby said he didn’t want to have to hold her down 2 days in a row to have someone poke a needle in her. Excuse me? Who held her down? Hello, I think I did that! Thank you very much!

Thanks for reading! 🙂