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Sunday night Little L decided that everyone had to pet the dog. I don’t know why, but she took us all by the hand one by one over to him to give him some pets. He is usually outside till kinda late, but it started raining, so he came in earlier then usual. Now L likes the dog, but most of the time, they ignore each other. He goes and lies down in his corner of the room and doesn’t bother anyone. We really don’t know what brought on this “game” of pet the dog, but we went with it. Daddy kept telling her to pet him while he was rubbing his back but she wouldn’t do it. But if you stopped, she would throw a fit till you put your hand back on him. This went on for several minutes. She never touched him and she has petted him plenty before. He finally had enough and wanted to go outside. He likes the attention but I think it was all just a little too much for him. When he went out, she threw a fit! She was hysterical, to say the least!  Running around the kitchen and living room, crying her heart out. We didn’t know what to do. I got her some warm milk, to help calm her, but she wouldn’t come to me to drink any of it. We made our way into the bedroom, turned out the light and just sat on the bed, while she cried over in the far corner of the room. We waited patiently talking to each other and telling her it was going to be all right. She made her way over to me after what seemed to be an eternity and crawled up on the bed and got on my lap. Daddy was going to leave the room but she definitely wasn’t having any of that, so he sat back down. Even Oldest was stuck for a little bit. They both sat as she calmed down and she drank some milk. Then Oldest casually got up and walked over to the door, blew her sissy some kisses and disappeared. She was doing better, laying down on the bed in between daddy and I. We talked about how crazy this whole situation was, and why was she behaving like that with the dog. When she drifted off to sleep, we both sighed with relief. 🙂