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I haven’t  written in a few days, I was really hoping that this week would be on the calm side. But this week, brought on a new adventure, or quest you might say. A quest for bath soap. Yes I know what you are saying. What is this crazy lady gonna write about now. But I  am serious folks. Let me give you a little back story.

I, like every other adult, do not like to run out of certain household necessities, i.e., toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, and bath soap. I always had a fear of running out of t.p. This stems from growing up with a mom that would only buy a 4 pack to last all week with 4 people in the house. Sorry it just doesn’t work. She was always having to stop to get another 4 pack or she would “borrow” a roll from work. Just to make it to the end of the week. I always always always buy when down to one or two rolls or sooner if I can. I do the same with bath soap. Well with the holidays going on and all the other running I was doing, I totally spaced getting a new package. I kept thinking we had one bar left. Well Sunday night, I was definitely proven wrong. I was the last to get in the shower and there it was, a very small, almost transparent bar lying on the shelf. I thought, oh, no problem. I hopped out, opened the cabinet, no bar. I opened top drawer, middle drawer, bottom drawer,  nada. Panic sets in. I opened up the door  again, must have missed it. Ugh! My eyes hadn’t deceived me. There was no last bar to be found. I got back in and knew I had to make the most out of this miniscule remnants of this once huge lovely bar of soap. Then I remembered that my neighbor gave me a wonderful gift set of caress body wash for Christmas. I was saved, and I not only smelled good, my skin was silky smooth too. 😉

I tell hubby what had happened and he goes into why didn’t I “check sooner” spill. Give me a break, it just wasn’t on my mind. Monday, I had to run to the bank so walmart is right there, I go in to get a pack. The shelf is bare. All other soap there, but that one. The price tag was still there, so it wasn’t taken off the shelf. Now you may say, why don’t you just grab another kind? Sorry, can’t do that…you see, hubby will only use one brand and one brand only. He doesn’t like anything to perfumy, so using my caress was out of the pic.   I went ahead and grabbed a few things and decided to run down to the nearest market to get it. They were out too. I text my hubby to ask him to give me another soap to get but he never answered.  Nervously, I decide on one and get out of there.

I got home and he wasn’t too happy with the choice, but oh well. I did go on my Walmart app and find it at a store not too far from me but I rarely shop there. I told him I would go Tuesday, I had to take oldest to the library anyways. To make this long story short, we made our way down there and I bought two, yes two, packs of his favorite soap. I vowed that I would never run out of soap again. Cause this quest is one that I did not enjoy!!! 🙂