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I go shopping alot. Not the fun shopping, you know the one where you come out with a great new top or you finally find that pair of shoes that don’t hurt your feet. No I do the dreaded G shopping. Yep, you guessed it, grocery. I cringe when I say the word now. I literally hate grocery shopping. I get so stressed out when it is time to go. But we go to have food, right? Hubby likes me to go to a certain store, Winco. I will only go here if he goes with me cause it is one that you have to bag your own stuff. I refuse to shop then have to bag it. It is bad enough having to put it all up when I get home. So Friday, the fam minus grandma, sets out to do some shopping. What? Why didn’t granny go with you? Oh because she wants to make it difficult on me and wants me to take her to Walmart the next day to get her stuff. I live at Walmart…just read my other posts. Anyways, we set off, it isn’t too far from the house, I was driving. We get to the parking lot, pull into a spot I see smoke coming out from under the hood. I ask hubby why was there smoke coming from the hood, he gets out to go look cause the temp gauge the whole ride was normal and the car was running just right. We pop the hood and there is antifreeze all over the top of the engine. He thinks a clamp came loose and he said he can fix it when we get home. We go do our shopping, which didn’t take too long at all. I had planned to pick up some items during my trip to walmart the next day since I can price match there.

We made it home and after about an hour hubby says that there is a whole in the radiator and we can’t drive it for a few days till we can get a new one. Ok…that’s fine, we have his work truck to fall back on. But here’s the glitch, grandma can’t get up in the stupid truck cause it is huge and way off the ground. Let’s face it, I can hardly get up in it either since my knee has been giving me fits over the past month. This morning I told my mom that I was just going to run up to Albertson’s since they have milk on sale and that was one thing I was going to price match at walmart. I then ask her what she wants me to pick up.  “I need coffee.”  “Ok. what else?” “Nothing else.” Now here we go. “Well it will be a few days till we go to walmart so tell me if you need anything else I will get it.” She goes in her room and comes out and hands me a 5 dollar bill. “Just coffee.” I take the money and she goes into mumbling something about she was opening the new bag of dog food today and we were going to need some. I think he won’t eat a whole bag in one day. Then she goes on and says something about toilet paper. We were just up there last week. I bought toilet paper but she didn’t. She does that. She doesn’t buy it when we are there, so that way she has an excuse to go again. She has always always always been like this.

I get Oldest and we go to the store. She is in a good mood because she is going to spend the night at her friends house. A last hoorah before school starts back Monday. We get in the store and pick up mom’s coffee, and a few other things, they were really having a good sale. Headed back to the milk. I was wanting 3 jugs. They had a limit on the sign saying 2 per customer. UGH! Don’t they know that since my Little L discovered milk she is hooked and we can go through a jug in like a day maybe a day and a half if no one else drinks any. I get the 2 jugs, grumping all the way through the rest of the store. When we get out to the truck, I set the bags in the back seat, and look at Oldest. “Oh shoot, we forgot the milk!” She laughs and we head back into the store laughing all the way in and she says we need to have a disguise. She pulls her hair up over here lip like a mustache which makes us laugh more. We safely bring back 2 more jugs of milk. Yes, mission complete!!

We make it home moments before her friend shows up. I was making her lunch and just stuffed it in her backpack. Atleast I won’t have to go back for a few days, or until the dog runs out of food. Whichever comes first. 🙂