Archive for January 1, 2015

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and I am sitting here with my girl watching Rockin’ New Years Eve. Oldest is in love with One Direction so this is where we are, not channel surfing, not looking for a movie, but trying to catch all of One Direction’s performances.

Little L took a very early nap today and only slept for 45 minutes. She was ready to hit the hay around 8:30. Hubby offered to buy us a bottle of wine to bring in the new year but I haven’t drank anything for atleast 10 years. No lie. I am a light weight! The last time I drank was on New Years Eve and he ended up having to make me a hot pocket before I went to bed, to soak up some of the alcohol! 😉 Oh the memories!

I logged onto Facebook a little while ago and one of my best friends from high school wished me a happy birthday. Which would have been wonderful but she is 1 month to early. She realized that soon afterwards…she has 3 boys and I think she has finally went crazy!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful night and bringing in the new year safe and sound. Commercial is over got to get back! 🙂