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One of our Christmas decorations that we have is a cute little furry Christmas tree that sings Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. It used to dance as the music played, but last year, it quit. I pulled it out of the storage crate last weekend and showed Little L. At first she was like “Hey, I like that!” Then I pressed the button and the music started and her little smile turned itself up side down! She ran from it and cried. This is the same girl that was rocking out to a musical fox one day in the store that was singing What Does The Fox Say?Ā  It took her awhile to come close to it, but she finally did. Then yesterday morning, she brought it in the kitchen as I was making some breakfast. I asked her if she wanted me to turn it on. She shook her head yes. So I did. Oh Lord, I wish I could take it back. At first she didn’t like it. She whined and complained, then the music stopped. Wait a minute, why did it stop? She looked torn. I asked her if she wanted it on again. She nodded. I did. The music started and that was it, she was hooked. I spent the next hour pressing the button for her. Trying hard to get her to do it, so I could actually get something accomplished.


She carried him around most of the day. Giving this silly little toy hugs and kisses. Even got up in her rocking chair with it and cuddled. She figured out how to turn it on by herself, even though she still wants me or daddy or sissy or even Grandma to do it for her. She will then set it down and start moving her little booty to the music. At bedtime, Monday night, it was in the bedroom when we went to lie down. I tried to give it to daddy to take out, but she grabbed him up and held on to him. I told her oh no, not in the bed. I pried it out of her arms and gave it to daddy. She let out this horrible cry. I told her it was his bedtime and her bedtime but she wasn’t listening. Daddy shut the door and she wailed about several more minutes, then calmed down and fell asleep. When she got up the next morning, she headed straight for it. Happy as could be!

How could one little silly item make a kid so happy? When it comes time to pack up the decorations, I guess I will just have to leave him out.


Giving it kisses.

Giving it kisses.


Sunday evening we went down town to the historic part of the city to see the big Christmas light display. I drove, therefor I missed the street that I was wanting to turn onto and had to go to the main street. There were tons of cars everywhere. I really didn’t think that it would have been that busy on a Sunday night. Apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing. I went down the main street inching along, trying to figure out where to park. I had only been in that area a handful of times and at night, I was totally lost. I finally pulled over and I gladly traded places with my hubby. The funny thing was, where I had pulled over was alot closer to the action then where we ended up parking. We had to walk 3 blocks back up. Hundreds of people milling around and all the historic shops were still opened along the way. There was a billboard that read Tea with Cinderella – $10.00. As I read this outloud we walked right passed the window where a real life Cinderella was standing, waving at the passersby. I jumped, of course, not expecting this.

We made it over to the lights and got Little L out of her stroller. She was sooooo excited. Alot different then she had been at the Boo Fest in October. She was ready to go and I mean GO! She grabbed hold of sissy’s hand and pulled her along. Oldest said that she thought that she was going to get trampled a few times by all the people she was being dragged in the middle of. There was music all around, lots of street musicians with there hats out asking for donations and we came across one band that we stopped and listened to for a bit. I got a few nice pictures of the girls. And lots of Crap, she moved! ones. Pleading with a 17 month old to look at mommy in a huge crowd with pretty colorful lights everywhere isn’t the smartest thing I could do. I finally gave up and just enjoyed watching the kids and the scenery. šŸŽ„



The picture doesn't do this tree justice. It was very pretty!

The picture doesn’t do this tree justice. It was very pretty!

Little L did not want to be held!

Little L did not want to be held!

Finally, she looked at me!

Finally, she looked at me!

Our tree went up last Monday night but we didn’t actually start to decorate it till last night. Oldest and I have spent the week painting the crapload of ornaments we made last weekend out of salt dough. (I honestly don’t know what we were thinking.) We weren’t getting much done, so we decided to stay up late Friday night, after Little L went off to dreamland, and paint our little hearts out. Luckily L dropped out about 8 p.m., no nap that day. So we got an early start. We did have loads of fun painting and laughing and pigging out on chocolate covered pretzels. We had a pile of good ornaments and a pile of failed ornaments. Let’s just say, artists we are not! But we tried atleast. Oldest thought it was hilarious that when every time we made a mistake, I would say, “I can fix that!” But alas, not everything could be fixed.

We also had 2 small canvas’ that oldest did some Christmas scenes on. She did a handprint and made our family into snowmen, and the other a fingerprint Christmas tree. Of course, we got the ideas from Pinterest and they turned out really cute.

Our Snowman Family

Our Snowman Family

Fingerprint tree.

Fingerprint tree.

The Christmas after oldest was born, I bought 2 sets of ornaments. One is Rudolph and the other Mickey’s Christmas Carole. I love those sets. It is all the characters from both shows. They are non-breakable and just fun to look at. So after dinner yesterday, we pulled out those ornaments so Little L could play with and try to put on the tree. She had fun putting them on, then of course taking them right back off. Most people with a toddler have a tree that is decorated from the bottom half way up. Ours is decorated from the top to half way down. She definitely had a blast playing and it continued today. I tried to put some on the tree, but nope, not gonna happen right now.

Then later on, she got her fist taste of a candy cane. Daddy bought some and had oldest put them all over the tree. When L spotted them, she had to have it. Daddy opened it for her and it took her a minute but she seemed to like them.


Tonight we are hopefully going into town and look at the Christmas lights. The city has 1.5 million lights on display every night. Can’t wait to see them.

Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚




To start off this first weekend of December, I thought I would post something fun. Hope you enjoy!

Anyone that has or had cats, will relate to what I am about to say. I read a really cute Christmas poem on a blog the other day, (go ahead and check it out here.) It made me remember my experiences with kitty cats at Christmas. I had cats growing up but only had one that got to stay inside all the time. We always had a real tree and she never really bothered it. I remember her chewing on the bottom limbs or swatting at the tinsel. My mom bought her her very own kitty ornaments, that she could play with. She got a new one every year. When I moved out on my own, the first Christmas I didn’t have a cat, the second one, I had 2, but I had a small artificial tree that they didn’t seem interested in. When I got cat number 3, she was a kitten at Christmas time, and thought the tree was just wonderful. I was spending the holidays with my parents and my mom and I went shopping. When we got home, my dad had said my cat broke one of the ornaments. Well of course she did, and what did you know, it was one of my ornaments that I had put high up on the tree. He later told me that he saw her batting at it, but didn’t think it would break.


The next Christmas I put up my tree at my house. The first night, I got in bed and I heard it. Tink tink tink. What the heck? Oh my ornaments. The little buggers had left it alone the whole day, now the lights were out, it was time to play. The next day, IĀ  walked into the living room to find one cat actually hanging out of the middle of it, when I yelled, she knocked the whole tree over!

catintreeĀ Ā Ā Ā  catknockdowntree

That’s it, I was not going to have them tear up my tree. I ran out to the store and bought some of that spray stuff that is supposed to keep the animals away from the tree.Ā  That night, I sprayed and sprayed to keep kitty away. It stunk so badly that I wanted to hide. No kidding. The one cat, that liked the ornaments, he backed down the hallway, very slowly, and kept looking at me as to say, “What the hell did you do woman??” It did keep him off of it as long as I sprayed it every night.

So at the last minute, my (now ex) jerk husband, got leave for a few days and wanted to go home. Ok, I asked the neighbor if she would feed and water the cats. Done. Now what do I do with the darn tree. I didn’t want to take it down. I knew it would be destroyed if I left it out in the living room. I know *light bulb* I would carry it into the spare bedroom that was mainly storage and just close the door. Well that was easier said then done. I asked for help, but never got it. So I had to drag the damn tree through the house and down the hallway. Losing ornaments and screaming at the cats to get away every step. I must have looked like a lunatic, now thinking back. But it was safe and sound in the room. When we got back, he actually helped me carry it back out to the living room and you know what, the silly ass cats left it alone the rest of time it was up.

Meowy Christmas! šŸ¾






Yeah, it’s finally time to start on some Christmas crafts. Oldest and I got one of the foam craft kits complete. It is a Nativity scene that is way cute.


We are halfway through the second one. Some of the stickers keep falling off and it is slowing us down. I like the kits that are stickers, but this one just don’t want to stay put.

Our other project is doing some salt dough ornaments. I found a set of 5 cookie cutters in Walgreen’s for .99 cent. Can’t beat that, right? Nope, I jumped on that bad boy as soon as I seen it. We made the first batch last week when oldest got done with school. Then I got the bright idea, I actually blame pinterest though, to make handprint santa’s. Oldest did hers, then I had to get Little L’s. Which was not so easy. She didn’t want to play in the dough. Oh come on, if I wanted her to stay out, she would have cried and wanted to play in it. This time, it was the other way around. I put some on a plate and brought it in the living room, sat down on the table and said play. She wasn’t going for it. I think she knew I was up to something. I gave up after awhile and went on to make dinner. Afterwards, I asked hubby to help me get her to do it. I put some more on a plate, and we sat down together on the couch. Little L was curious, she was definitely circling the area but kept telling us no when we said come play with it. Hubby got an idea to put his hand right above it and he made a weird humming noise then he took his hand down. He did this over and over, she got closer and closer and then started putting her hand near it. Took a few more times, and she was actually hovering her hand over top. He took his shot and smooshed her hand down into the dough. You should have heard the cries. I grabbed the plate and headed back into the kitchen, while he consoled the screaming mislead child!

They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 20141203_221241Here are some of the ornaments that we have gotten done. Well, mostly that is. Some needs some finale touches.

20141203_221314Thanks for looking, more to come soon! šŸ™‚


Have you ever been shopping or out with friends and you get a phone call that you wish you never answered? It’s nothing bad, just really annoying. This happened to me the other day. Went up to Walmart to pick up a few things I had ordered. I am looking around trying to enjoy my day even though I am in crazy town with the crowd. I had one more stop to make before I was done and I had several things on my mind. Then my phone rang. Which was weird, because I had put the stupid thing on mute. So I pull it out of my purse and it was a local number but one I didn’t recognize. I usually send everything to voice mail, but for some reason, went ahead and answered it. A lady on the other end asked if this was Tracy’s mom. I immediately thought it was her school calling. Even though she does online school, she has teachers that call every now and then. So I say yes and she proceeds to tell me she has a dental appt on the 2nd of December. I had to stop her there and told her I didn’t make an appt for the 2nd. She ignored me and told me that she had left a message back on the 2oth of November. I told her I didn’t receive any message and I know I didn’t make her an appt. Then she says that she was last seen on March 30 and it had been six months. That is besides the point, I wanted to yell at her. I didn’t make her an appt. Then I asked her if they made the appt for her. Again she ignores me. So ok…maybe she has the wrong number. I ask her where the office is and she tells me and then I ask if she is sure she had the right number. She told me the full name and then goes back to saying she had to switch the appt from the 2nd to the 4th. I actually tried to apologize. I told her that I was in the middle of Walmart and not really thinking clearly. She doesn’t say anything. Usually in my past experience this is where the tension kinda breaks, she says that she is sorry and when would be a better time to talk. Nope, not this lady. She is full blown determined to get this appt. changed right here and right now. I again tell her that I didn’t make an appt so why don’t we go ahead and cancel this one. I will call the office when I can. She got kinda huffy and only said ok and hangs up.

Geeze Luise lady. No phone etiquette at all. I know she was just as happy to get off the phone as I was. I thought about it as I drove home and then began to doubt myself. I got home and started searching for an appt card. Maybe I just forgot. But no, I didn’t make the appt. I knew I didn’t. I coldn’t get a straight answer from this person what so ever. I can’t stand that. Just tell me who made the damn appt and I will be happy. Was it a big freaking secret? I think it was!

I will wait a few and then make her an appointment the correct way. Just hopefully it will be someone else at the desk when I call. šŸ™‚

5 Dollars

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Conversation with Oldest…

Oldest: I can go Chistmas shopping now, I got 5 dollars.
Me: You got 5 dollars? When?
Oldest: I lost another tooth today after you left.
Me: Oh, and you already have 5 dollars for it?
Oldest: Well no, not till tonight.
Me: 5 dollars isn’t going to buy much.
Oldest: Yea, I know, but it’s a start.
Me: *Walks away shaking head*

Damn tooth fairy…good thing I still have a 5 in my wallet.


I want an Elf on the Shelf! I don’t know why, but I am attracted to that little guy this season for some mysterious reason. I had only heard of him last year on Facebook, when everyone was posting pictures of where the little guy was turning up. I was like, what is this and why does everyone have one? I didn’t think much more about it but now it is one thing I think about alot. Oldest doesn’t want me to get one. She says that it is creepy. Then everyone in the house agreed. Well, except for Little L, she would play with him if I had him. I seen it for sale in the store the other day. Fifteen dollars. Not too bad, but still a little steep for my blood. Just for a game.

One of these days, maybe I will get one. Then place him throughout the house for the kids to find. I think it would be fun! (Or I am just crazy and like creepy things…but that’s another holiday.)Ā  šŸ˜‰