A New Drivers License part 1

Posted: December 29, 2014 in blog, funny, Uncategorized
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My driver’s license is about to expire at the end of January. I tried to go a couple of weeks ago, but the marriage certificate that I have carried around for the past 16 and a half years isn’t “certified.” I had to order a “certified” copy and I got it today. Why is it so hard for women to get a stinking drivers license? I have had one in Nevada and in Washington and they both took the copy I have in my wallet. Anywho…the marriage certificate has my former married name on it, not my maiden. I never switched back, don’t ask me why. It would have been soooooo much easier. Luckily my mom had a copy of my old marriage certificate locked away in her safety lock box. WHEW!  I had copies of it, but who knows where they are. Now I only needed my divorce decree. I told my husband it was in one of our storage crates out in the garage. I had looked at it not long after we moved here because I was trying to get rid of some stuff. I told him where to look and he went out to try to find the crate in my mess. Yes, my mess. It is all my stuff, he says. Taking up space in his garage! He found the crate and I went out to look. Didn’t see any divorce papers. Well crap. He closed it up and I came back inside. The week passed and I kept meaning to go out and look but with Christmas happening, I had other more fun things on my mind. I knew I had to find it, or time was going to run out and my drivers license would expire and I would have to take a damn drive test and probably fail, because I don’t drive like the maniacs around here do. We set out yesterday to look for the blasted thing once and for all. If I didn’t find it, I was going to have to call today and see if I could get a copy.

Hubby moved crate after crate, fussing about all the stuff that needed to be gone through so he could have his garage back. We came across one crate that I thought, ok this one is it. But nope, not it. We kept going. Finally we came to the original crate he got out the other day. He started taking everything out just to make sure because honestly we were running out of things to look in. I dug around in the bottom of it and was about to give up when on the side was a letter with a familiar address. I grabbed it up and sure enough, that was it. YES! If only I had looked better the other day we could have avoided this whole crazy situation. But that is my life, a crazy, messy situation and you always find what you are looking for after an hour of digging in the wrong places.

So now I can go get that new fangledy drivers license, that I been needing to change anyways. Finally get rid of Washington and be an Arizonian once and for all. The best part I don’t have to have a new one for a very, very long time!
Now going to the DMV on a good day, that will be a whole other post! 🙂

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