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One of our Christmas decorations that we have is a cute little furry Christmas tree that sings Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. It used to dance as the music played, but last year, it quit. I pulled it out of the storage crate last weekend and showed Little L. At first she was like “Hey, I like that!” Then I pressed the button and the music started and her little smile turned itself up side down! She ran from it and cried. This is the same girl that was rocking out to a musical fox one day in the store that was singing What Does The Fox Say?  It took her awhile to come close to it, but she finally did. Then yesterday morning, she brought it in the kitchen as I was making some breakfast. I asked her if she wanted me to turn it on. She shook her head yes. So I did. Oh Lord, I wish I could take it back. At first she didn’t like it. She whined and complained, then the music stopped. Wait a minute, why did it stop? She looked torn. I asked her if she wanted it on again. She nodded. I did. The music started and that was it, she was hooked. I spent the next hour pressing the button for her. Trying hard to get her to do it, so I could actually get something accomplished.


She carried him around most of the day. Giving this silly little toy hugs and kisses. Even got up in her rocking chair with it and cuddled. She figured out how to turn it on by herself, even though she still wants me or daddy or sissy or even Grandma to do it for her. She will then set it down and start moving her little booty to the music. At bedtime, Monday night, it was in the bedroom when we went to lie down. I tried to give it to daddy to take out, but she grabbed him up and held on to him. I told her oh no, not in the bed. I pried it out of her arms and gave it to daddy. She let out this horrible cry. I told her it was his bedtime and her bedtime but she wasn’t listening. Daddy shut the door and she wailed about several more minutes, then calmed down and fell asleep. When she got up the next morning, she headed straight for it. Happy as could be!

How could one little silly item make a kid so happy? When it comes time to pack up the decorations, I guess I will just have to leave him out.


Giving it kisses.

Giving it kisses.