Christmas Lights

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Sunday evening we went down town to the historic part of the city to see the big Christmas light display. I drove, therefor I missed the street that I was wanting to turn onto and had to go to the main street. There were tons of cars everywhere. I really didn’t think that it would have been that busy on a Sunday night. Apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing. I went down the main street inching along, trying to figure out where to park. I had only been in that area a handful of times and at night, I was totally lost. I finally pulled over and I gladly traded places with my hubby. The funny thing was, where I had pulled over was alot closer to the action then where we ended up parking. We had to walk 3 blocks back up. Hundreds of people milling around and all the historic shops were still opened along the way. There was a billboard that read Tea with Cinderella – $10.00. As I read this outloud we walked right passed the window where a real life Cinderella was standing, waving at the passersby. I jumped, of course, not expecting this.

We made it over to the lights and got Little L out of her stroller. She was sooooo excited. Alot different then she had been at the Boo Fest in October. She was ready to go and I mean GO! She grabbed hold of sissy’s hand and pulled her along. Oldest said that she thought that she was going to get trampled a few times by all the people she was being dragged in the middle of. There was music all around, lots of street musicians with there hats out asking for donations and we came across one band that we stopped and listened to for a bit. I got a few nice pictures of the girls. And lots of Crap, she moved! ones. Pleading with a 17 month old to look at mommy in a huge crowd with pretty colorful lights everywhere isn’t the smartest thing I could do. I finally gave up and just enjoyed watching the kids and the scenery. πŸŽ„



The picture doesn't do this tree justice. It was very pretty!

The picture doesn’t do this tree justice. It was very pretty!

Little L did not want to be held!

Little L did not want to be held!

Finally, she looked at me!

Finally, she looked at me!

  1. jimgormanjr says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun, and the pictures are great

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  2. xoxolovedee says:

    Omgness that tree!! Great post & amazing pictures! You little one is such a cutie btw. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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