5 Dollars

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Daughter, funny, kids, tween
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Conversation with Oldest…

Oldest: I can go Chistmas shopping now, I got 5 dollars.
Me: You got 5 dollars? When?
Oldest: I lost another tooth today after you left.
Me: Oh, and you already have 5 dollars for it?
Oldest: Well no, not till tonight.
Me: 5 dollars isn’t going to buy much.
Oldest: Yea, I know, but it’s a start.
Me: *Walks away shaking head*

Damn tooth fairy…good thing I still have a 5 in my wallet.

  1. xoxolovedee says:

    Tooth fairy is getting expensive…lol😳

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  2. hmekeel says:

    $5?! The most I ever got for a tooth was .75 cents and that was a big surprise!

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