Oh That Elf on the Shelf

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Christmas, December, funny, Uncategorized
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I want an Elf on the Shelf! I don’t know why, but I am attracted to that little guy this season for some mysterious reason. I had only heard of him last year on Facebook, when everyone was posting pictures of where the little guy was turning up. I was like, what is this and why does everyone have one? I didn’t think much more about it but now it is one thing I think about alot. Oldest doesn’t want me to get one. She says that it is creepy. Then everyone in the house agreed. Well, except for Little L, she would play with him if I had him. I seen it for sale in the store the other day. Fifteen dollars. Not too bad, but still a little steep for my blood. Just for a game.

One of these days, maybe I will get one. Then place him throughout the house for the kids to find. I think it would be fun! (Or I am just crazy and like creepy things…but that’s another holiday.)  😉


  1. April says:

    I got one once and made my girls cry! They were scared of him! So now we have the plush girl ones and they love it! I do not do the traditional elf tricks. sometimes put their dolls in a different place than before like this morning they were watching t.v. But other than that nothing else really.

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  2. xoxolovedee says:

    I have one. It’s fun to terrorize my kids….omg did I just say that? I mean it’s fun to see them looking for him. And it’s a great tradition that they look forward to.

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