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There ain’t nothing like getting a bowl of fruit loops dumped in your lap at 8:30 in the morning. That is what happened to oldest today. Little L decided to run up and grab her bowl and it spilled all over her and the floor. When she yelled out I actually jumped. I never heard her voice be so loud, it scared me. I turned around and she just looks at me and says Help. I didn’t know whether to run to her or the other way. I grabbed a towel and went to her. Mom duties call. It was a full bowl too, just been poured, she may have gotten 2 bites in before the little monster ran past her. Oldest stood up and had milk running down her legs, the couch was soaked also. She went to change while I tackled the mess and the whole time Little L just casually walked around the living room, hoping that no one would notice her. I think if she could have whistled a little tune, she would have. She stayed far from the mess that she help make.

Oldest then couldn’t find her clothes she wanted to put on. I swear, she loses more stuff and it will be right in front of her face. She actually lost her flip flops for 3 days, and then found them right beside her door. You just have to shake your head and pray that she gets out of this not paying attention. I tell her all the time, pay attention to your surroundings, pull your head out of the clouds. But I will save this for a later post. Back to finding her clothes. “Mom, where are my shorts?” “Where ever you left them,” I said picking up fruit loops from underneath the coffee table. “I put them in the closet last night, now they aren’t there.” “Well I know I didn’t take them, they have to be in there.” I get done washing my hands and head to the bedroom, all the while wondering if I turned the burner off on the stove. “Did you leave them in the bathroom, or throw them in the laundry basket?” Now I am searching the dirty clothes and the bathroom.  Mom to the rescue again. “No, I put them in the closet” “OK then, they have to be there.”  I walked in the closet and ask her where she laid them down at. “Right here”, she points down to a stack of clothes that I have no where else to put. I look around and finally spy the shorts, they had fallen off the stack, or so I said. We all know she just tossed them all willy nilly in there. Here they are are, on the floor. Oh, ok, thanks and she heads off to change.

Finally I am back in the kitchen finishing breakfast. Which didn’t go over so well either. I made some rice cereal and some eggs. Little L loves both. We set down to eat and I may have just as well poured the rice all over the table. By the time I got caught up my eggs were ice cold. She had been playing in them, she did get a few bites in her mouth before the rice fiasco. I had enough and and pulled the plug. She wasn’t too happy but I was definitely done with cleaning up messes for awhile.


I have been reading a lot, on blog posts and even on Facebook how it is unfair for people to have to work on Thanksgiving. While I do agree with this concept, it is just inevitable. There has to be some businesses opened on that holiday. If you are one of the lucky ones that have a nice cushy desk job and your office is closed that day, then yeah for you. But the ones that don’t, like working retail, well that is a whole other story. I know, most are just opened to make money and yada yada yada. But some people just won’t stay home that day. They think that they are getting super great deals if they shop early. But what really gets me is that people act like it is something new. That they just thought of it this year.   I have worked in retail a good portion of my life. One year, working at Kmart they scheduled me for the 11 a.m.-8 p.m. shift on Thanksgiving day. That was a major sale day and everyone had to work unless it was the fulltime employees regular day off. This was years ago, back in the 90’s.  Luckily it was only my husband and I at the time. He picked me up from work and we went over to Shoney’s restaurant and got their Thanksgiving dinner to go and went home. I think I was actually off the next day so it wasn’t horrible, but that store was crazy packed.

Later on, when I worked at Walmart, I had to work every holiday there was. Well, except Christmas. That was one that good ole wally world is closed on. But the good thing is whoever worked got holiday pay. That was an incentive to go in right there. The first 2 years I worked 2nd shift, so my whole afternoon and evening was spent there. Thanksgiving would be crazy the morning of. I actually worked  at a Walmart grocery store. They are pretty popular on the west coast. On Thanksgiving morning, everyone that forgot the last minute stuffing or “I need another pumpkin pie” was in that store.  All the customers would just think it was awful that we had to work that day too. I thought it was the funniest thing when they would say it. Good thing someone was opened, I would think. Wouldn’t want you to go without your cranberry sauce that cousin Sally is going to bring, but she always forgets. By afternoon tho, it would die down to where we would be twiddling our thumbs and asking the managers if we could go home. The last Thanksgiving I worked I got to leave a whole hour early. BAM!


So being away from your family on any holiday is quite suckish no matter what. But I always looked at it this way,  I am thankful for atleast having a job, and the holiday pay just makes it a little bit easier to endure. 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤☺

For the Poop of It

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We all have had our share of dealing with poop from the little monsters we call our children. Just wanted to share and maybe make someone laugh. Happy Sunday! 😎

Sitting on the couch last evening, oldest and I were watching Little L running around the living room. I looked at the time and asked her if she wanted to take a bath. She shook her head yes, it was so cute. I told her to go to sissy to get undressed and I would start the water. She went right to her. A few minutes later, they walked into the bathroom and my oldest goes to take off her diaper. She looks at it and holds it up to me and says “Oooh she pooped!” “Why are you holding it up like that for, grab her before it gets everywhere!” I yelled.  I look down at L and yep, she pooped alright, it was all up her backside. I had her pick her up and I ran into the bedroom to get the mat to lay her on to clean her up. Oldest was so funny. She was trying very hard not to get totally disgusted. She put her on the mat and ran off to tell her grandma about the whole situation. I got Little L all cleaned up when I noticed her staring at her fingers. She had somehow stuck her hand in the poop sometime while being carried to the bed. I grabbed another wet wipe and washed her hand off then we were ready for the bath and we headed in. As I was washing her, oldest was playing with her hair in the mirror and I couldn’t get L to sit down in the water. Oldest comes over and squats down outside the tub and tells her to come play with her. I just happen to look at her arm and there was a line of dried poop going up it. I started laughing and pointing. “What, what are you looking at?” She cried. I point to the poop. “You got poop on you!” She looks down and starts to do a gagging sound. She runs to the sink to wash it off. While washing, she notices some on her shoulder, of the clean shirt she had just put on.

It was pretty funny stuff, I must admit. Usually I am the one covered in the ick.


Fun Freaky Friday

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I know Halloween is over and it is on to the Christmas season. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying spooky, creepy things, right?! My oldest is becoming pretty good at scaring me. She loves to hide behind doors and furniture to pop out at the right time and see how loud I yell or how high I jump.

The other night, I was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing a bottle. I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see what it was. Nothing. The room was empty. Thinking that it had to be the dog, I turned back around. At the same time, another empty bottle that was sitting on the back of the sink fell over. It made me jump. I was no where near that bottle and the other two sitting beside that one didn’t fall. FREAKY! I was putting the bottle back where it came from, when I heard the noise again. I turned back around and scanned the room. I got to the kitchen table and underneath it was my daughter. Her long hair half hiding her face. I was so taken by surprise that I jumped and yelled at the same time. She crawled out laughing her butt off at me. “You scared the crap out of me girl!” I yelled. “Look,  I have chill bumps all over me!” Which this made her laugh even harder and off she ran to tell her daddy about her victory.

Then last night, oldest came out and said that she was tired and going to go brush her teeth. It was only going on 9 p.m., usually I have to remind her that it is still a school night at 9:30 and she will milk it till 10:00. So she goes off to the bath to brush her teeth. I seen her pass by me several times, going to her room then back to the bath. At one point I lost track of which way she went. I asked my hubby if she had went to her room or still in the bath, he didn’t know either. Not wanting to holler for her to wake up the sleeping baby. I got up and went into her room. Her door was about half opened, which made me think she was in it. I pushed on the door and it wouldn’t go all the way to the wall. Something was stopping it. I pushed again, not real hard because I swear I thought it was her standing behind it. I giggled thinking she was gonna pop out but she never did. I must have pushed the door several times then I stepped back to look in the crack between door and frame. Expecting to see her standing there but I all got was a wall.

Confused now, I walked in the room and looked. Behind the door was a punch ball that she got on her birthday. I stood in the middle of her room, feeling really stupid that I thought she was back there. I grabbed the laptop and headed on into the living room. She finally emerged from the bath without any knowledge of what went on. We followed her into the room to give her goodnight kisses and hugs. Yes, she still wants us to do this! I broke. I told both of them what I had just done. They looked at each other and of course made fun of me. Nothing I said made myself sound any more sane. With all her shenanigans, what was I to expect? So, I gave up and went back to the living room.

Thanks for reading! 😜

It was bound to happen, sure took it long enough too. Here in the desert, Fall finally arrived over the weekend. We had very warm weather for Halloween, which was nice. We didn’t have to walk around with jackets on or umbrellas! Saturday hit and the temps dropped down into the 80’s and today they were in the low 70’s. Last night, it got down to 50. We had to shut all the windows we had opened and turn off the ceiling fans. It was a really nice change of pace. The 90+ degree temps all October was starting to get to me. Oh don’t get me wrong, I still love hot weather, but enough was enough, ya know.

Our Halloween was pretty nice, once we got going. At the last minute, my daughters friend asked if we wanted to walk around with them. We went out with them last year, and we had a good time. They wanted to come up to our side of town, which was fine by me, but they were late getting here due to make up malfunction.  I had the bright idea to take Little L to a few houses. I had been planning this for weeks and she was all excited to get to go out, but once they showed up she started to cry. I think being outside in the dark got to her. Then we started to get into the truck and we lost her pacifier. She didn’t really need it, but we carry it with us just for a safety net. I looked all over for it and they all had their flashlights scanning the ground, but no one found it. We went on and I finally got her to calm down. At the last house we took her too, which was only 3, she started to mellow out and like what we were doing. When she got in the truck and looked in her bucket, the look on her face was priceless. Daddy took her home and I jumped in the car with them and we were on our way.

Where we went was right up the road, but there were alot of houses lit up and decorated. There was even a haunted house that one family put on in their garage. We went through it, but my daughters friend was a little scared so the ones running it told the people inside to keep it calm. It was still spooky the way they did it, instead of jumping out at you, they stood very still as you walked by. CREEPY. They had this one really tall guy dressed as a scary clown. He peaked out from behind a curtain and honked a horn at us. When we were done, we circled back around to the front of the house and the little girl that had gotten in front of me waved at what you thought was a statue with a mask on, standing at the corner of the house. He didn’t say anything but raised one finger up to his mouth as to say shhhh. I seen this and chills ran down my arms.

After about an hour and a half we were done. Oldest got a bunch of candy and it was mainly all the good stuff like reeses and milky ways. I ate more chocolate the next day then I had in the past 4 months. My mom even bought 2 bags, even though I told her we wouldn’t get any trick or treaters on our street.

When we got home that night, I found out that daddy had found the paci up under the front seat in the truck. Little L was fast asleep and didn’t make a peep when we got in. Daddy had let her play with the candy she got. She had fun squeezing it in her little hands, in the wrapper of course. She squeezed it until it melted and the candy was just a crumpled gooey mess. But it definitely kept her busy for the time we were gone.



Doesn’t she look scary!

Last Monday was my daughters 11th birthday. She finally made it. We had a small party hear at the house for her with just us. She only has one friend here in town, since she does online school, and we live in the worst neighborhood where there are like zero kids around. I told her we could invite her friend over for the evening or even sometime during the weekend, but she said no, she just wanted it to be family.

She first started out wanting a Supergirl cake, but I couldn’t find one anywhere local. Not even a silly topper to go on top of a cake. I looked at every bakery in every grocery store in the area. I finally went on up to Walmart and they had the best selection of girl birthday cakes that I had seen. There were a few choices that I liked and I when I went back to order the cake I took her with me to pick the one she wanted. She picked Little Miss Camoflauge. Which was actually the one that I thought she would go for.


I asked her what she wanted for her birthday sometime ago, other then the 5 Seconds of Summer concert tickets, that I spoke about in an earlier post. One thing that she wanted was a Supergirl hat that she had seen at walmart the previous week. Now you all know that if you see something at the walmart you have to buy it then not later. It is either moved or all sold out. I went a few days before her birthday to shop, and that was the first place I headed. The hats had been moved, and I had to find where the hell they went too. After walking around the mens and boys department for some time, I finally found them. And guess what? They had one, yes one, Supergirl hat. Yeah me!!! I went back up to the juniors section and they have a pretty good selection of novelty t-shirts. I found her  a Superman shirt that was just really too cute. I then found her some camo print sweat pants. OMG I was on a roll baby!  One thing I wanted to get her was the 5 Seconds of Summer CD. Which was no where to be found in the music department. I was really bummed about it and picked out another CD instead. On my way up to the checkouts I found a stand with the new music and there it was. *Jumping for joy*

The next day, she and I went into Walgreens to look at Halloween items. While we were checking out, she saw a magazine that was all 5 Seconds of Summer. She wanted it so bad. I told her I couldn’t get it for her that day. Something else caught her attention and I looked at the price and then seen that the pull from shelf date was just 2 days away. I made an excuse the next day to run back out and bought it for her. The silly thing cost 6 bucks. Geesh! Then the lady asked me if I wanted a bag for it. I thought this was hilarious. I had to laugh and say yes please, its a gift, not for me.

I think she made out pretty well for her big day. She got a nice jacket and make up bag from her Grandma, who also sprang for pizza for the birthday girls dinner. I ended up getting her another t-shirt, this one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which she loves, and two more of the teen mags so she could hang up even more posters. She was really surprised with the one mag that was all about 5 SOS. I told her that I had to sneak out at midnight to go get it before it went off the shelf. She believed me! I love that about her.

Atleast she dropped the talk about the concert tickets. Now all she talks about is One Direction. “I thought you were into 5 Seconds of summer?” I asked her.  “Oh I am, but One Direction is soooooo cute!”  UGH!!! I just can’t keep up with that girl.