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I used to let my little L run around in just a t-shirt and diaper. One day, she learned how to take the diaper off. So from then on, I had to put shorts or pants on her. Which she hated, but oh well. Today, we went down to Best Buy and when we got home, it was time for her nap. I was trying to make her comfortable, so I took off her pants but didn’t put on shorts. The weather here warmed back up over Thanksgiving and we are back to wearing shorts around the house. She fell asleep a little bit later and when she woke up, I didn’t immediately get her into shorts. After, oh say, an hour, she was running around playing and started to pull at the diaper. I told her to leave it alone, but you all know how that goes. She went into the kitchen and off it came. I told her to bring it to me and she stepped inside the living room but then ran back to the kitchen. I was talking with my mom and we were shaking our heads over the situation when she finally brought me a pretty wet diaper. I took her to get cleaned up and put shorts on her.

Now you all will probably guess what I am about to say next.

I went into the kitchen, walked around, must have passed by the sink 3 or 4 times. I grabbed my glass and went to the water cooler. While pouring the water, I happened to notice something on the floor. I had to focus in and what the hell…it was a very long piece of poop just lying there in front of the sink. That little baby of mine dropped a load right on the kitchen floor. I had to laugh and thank God that I hadn’t slipped in it and went flying across the room. Then I decided to have fun, so I hollered for Oldest. She opened the door to her cave and I said, “Come here, did you do this?” pointing at the floor. “She immediately went all defensive and asked, “Do what? I haven’t been in here.” She got closer and closer to it and then said, “what is that?” I laughed and asked “you don’t know what that is?” She said, very timidly, “poop?” “Yes, it is poop. Your sisters poop. Keep her in the living room while I clean it up.

Maybe it’s time to think about potty training…  🙂