Blonde Moment

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Daughter, funny, tween, Uncategorized
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My oldest can be pretty…oh what is the word…blonde, that’s it! She can be pretty blonde sometimes.  We were standing in Albertson’s looking at the bakery items this past week. She comes up to me and says what is this give thanks stuff about? “What” I asked, totally lost.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at her and said. “You know, Thanksgiving. Where you give thanks for all you have. Duh!” She gives me a funny look and said, “I thought that that was what Christmas is about.”  (Rolling eyes) “No baby girl.” “Christmas is the celebration of the baby Jesus being born.” “Ohhh!” she exclaims. “I guess I got the two mixed up.”  “I guess so,  I really worry about you sometimes, kid.” She laughed and went back to looking at the cakes.

Oh man, I hope she marries rich! 🙂

Her daddy tells her this all the time.

Her daddy tells her this all the time.



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