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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: November 27, 2014 in blog, family, kids, Thanksgiving
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Sitting here on this Thanksgiving Day, smells of the turkey roasting, coming from the kitchen. Bringing back memories of going to Grandmas house and eating till you couldn’t eat anymore.

I turned on the parades this morning. Little L really enjoyed seeing the floats. She waved at the screen as they went by and danced as the music played. Oldest is more interested in them now because of the performers. The last few songs were actually Christmas songs so that got me in a more festive mood.

My hubby brought in the Christmas tree.  He thought I was ready to put it up. I have never decorated this early. I always wait till December gets here but maybe this weekend I will start.

Right now, L is taking her nap, oldest in her room doing what tweens do, hubby made it out to his gagrage….they are all waiting on me to finish cooking. So I best get my fanny in gear.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂