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My little one who is now 17 months, is an expert already at throwing the all mighty toddler temper tantrum. Yes folks, she learned rather early and has been developing these skills every day since. Today I have to say had to be one of the funniest ones she has done. Although, not funny to her. She doesn’t like to be laughed at. Just a few of her tantrum throwing moments are:

1. Changing the diaper.  2. Taking her pants off to change diaper. 3. Putting pants back on after diaper is changed.  4. Not letting her dump lemonade or any other drink on the table, by taking her sippy cup away.  5. Not letting her pour cheezits on the floor.

The list could go on, as you can tell.  The other day, oldest and I were in Michaels Craft store. Little L riding along in her stroller. She was at a perfect level to crab stuff and carry it along with her on the ride. She must have traded out atleast 5 different things for something better. The last thing she took a liking too, was a bottle of craft glue that I was going to purchase. She seen it and had to hold it. That was fine, kept her busy for the last moments of the shopping trip. We get to the counter, the lady scans our purchases and then needs the bottle of glue. Oldest reaches down and takes it out of her hands, me not really paying attention to what was about to happen. Little L did the wind up and the crying began. The cashier, was great though, she scanned the bottle like she had dealt with a screaming brat child before and handed it right back to her. She was so fast, I barely got a word out. Little L took the bottle and smiled at the lady as if to say, “Hey, I like you.” It was a super cute smile.

But today, luckily we were at home for this mega melt down. Daddy was brushing his teeth, he gets her toothbrush and hands it to her. She is all set and puts the brush in her mouth, when she sees his in his mouth. The cries start. “No, you use your brush.” More cries. “Now come on, brush your teeth.” She puts down the brush and runs around the room whining and crying. “Get your brush and brush like daddy,” I tell her. She continues to cry, runs around room and begs for his brush. He gives up and goes back into bathroom. She then cries louder and louder, won’t touch the brush, won’t come to me for consoling. I start to laugh. I realized that her cries reminded me of a mad cat, which made me laugh more. She then, now this is the clincher, runs over to the foot of the bed and slams her little face into it. Well atleast she knew to do it on something soft, I thought. I couldn’t help but laugh harder. I did actually try to get her to stop, but using the I have had enough mommy tone, but she kept going. This went on for about 5 more minutes. My hubby finally came out of the bathroom and found her paci. He hates giving it to her, but she got so upset she couldn’t get calmed down. He popped it in and she was fine within a few seconds. Already forgotten about the toothbrush and why she was even crying in the first place. 😉