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There ain’t nothing like getting a bowl of fruit loops dumped in your lap at 8:30 in the morning. That is what happened to oldest today. Little L decided to run up and grab her bowl and it spilled all over her and the floor. When she yelled out I actually jumped. I never heard her voice be so loud, it scared me. I turned around and she just looks at me and says Help. I didn’t know whether to run to her or the other way. I grabbed a towel and went to her. Mom duties call. It was a full bowl too, just been poured, she may have gotten 2 bites in before the little monster ran past her. Oldest stood up and had milk running down her legs, the couch was soaked also. She went to change while I tackled the mess and the whole time Little L just casually walked around the living room, hoping that no one would notice her. I think if she could have whistled a little tune, she would have. She stayed far from the mess that she help make.

Oldest then couldn’t find her clothes she wanted to put on. I swear, she loses more stuff and it will be right in front of her face. She actually lost her flip flops for 3 days, and then found them right beside her door. You just have to shake your head and pray that she gets out of this not paying attention. I tell her all the time, pay attention to your surroundings, pull your head out of the clouds. But I will save this for a later post. Back to finding her clothes. “Mom, where are my shorts?” “Where ever you left them,” I said picking up fruit loops from underneath the coffee table. “I put them in the closet last night, now they aren’t there.” “Well I know I didn’t take them, they have to be in there.” I get done washing my hands and head to the bedroom, all the while wondering if I turned the burner off on the stove. “Did you leave them in the bathroom, or throw them in the laundry basket?” Now I am searching the dirty clothes and the bathroom.  Mom to the rescue again. “No, I put them in the closet” “OK then, they have to be there.”  I walked in the closet and ask her where she laid them down at. “Right here”, she points down to a stack of clothes that I have no where else to put. I look around and finally spy the shorts, they had fallen off the stack, or so I said. We all know she just tossed them all willy nilly in there. Here they are are, on the floor. Oh, ok, thanks and she heads off to change.

Finally I am back in the kitchen finishing breakfast. Which didn’t go over so well either. I made some rice cereal and some eggs. Little L loves both. We set down to eat and I may have just as well poured the rice all over the table. By the time I got caught up my eggs were ice cold. She had been playing in them, she did get a few bites in her mouth before the rice fiasco. I had enough and and pulled the plug. She wasn’t too happy but I was definitely done with cleaning up messes for awhile.