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I have been reading a lot, on blog posts and even on Facebook how it is unfair for people to have to work on Thanksgiving. While I do agree with this concept, it is just inevitable. There has to be some businesses opened on that holiday. If you are one of the lucky ones that have a nice cushy desk job and your office is closed that day, then yeah for you. But the ones that don’t, like working retail, well that is a whole other story. I know, most are just opened to make money and yada yada yada. But some people just won’t stay home that day. They think that they are getting super great deals if they shop early. But what really gets me is that people act like it is something new. That they just thought of it this year.   I have worked in retail a good portion of my life. One year, working at Kmart they scheduled me for the 11 a.m.-8 p.m. shift on Thanksgiving day. That was a major sale day and everyone had to work unless it was the fulltime employees regular day off. This was years ago, back in the 90’s.  Luckily it was only my husband and I at the time. He picked me up from work and we went over to Shoney’s restaurant and got their Thanksgiving dinner to go and went home. I think I was actually off the next day so it wasn’t horrible, but that store was crazy packed.

Later on, when I worked at Walmart, I had to work every holiday there was. Well, except Christmas. That was one that good ole wally world is closed on. But the good thing is whoever worked got holiday pay. That was an incentive to go in right there. The first 2 years I worked 2nd shift, so my whole afternoon and evening was spent there. Thanksgiving would be crazy the morning of. I actually worked  at a Walmart grocery store. They are pretty popular on the west coast. On Thanksgiving morning, everyone that forgot the last minute stuffing or “I need another pumpkin pie” was in that store.  All the customers would just think it was awful that we had to work that day too. I thought it was the funniest thing when they would say it. Good thing someone was opened, I would think. Wouldn’t want you to go without your cranberry sauce that cousin Sally is going to bring, but she always forgets. By afternoon tho, it would die down to where we would be twiddling our thumbs and asking the managers if we could go home. The last Thanksgiving I worked I got to leave a whole hour early. BAM!


So being away from your family on any holiday is quite suckish no matter what. But I always looked at it this way,  I am thankful for atleast having a job, and the holiday pay just makes it a little bit easier to endure. 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤☺