Fun Freaky Friday

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Daughter, funny, kids, tween, Uncategorized
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I know Halloween is over and it is on to the Christmas season. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying spooky, creepy things, right?! My oldest is becoming pretty good at scaring me. She loves to hide behind doors and furniture to pop out at the right time and see how loud I yell or how high I jump.

The other night, I was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing a bottle. I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see what it was. Nothing. The room was empty. Thinking that it had to be the dog, I turned back around. At the same time, another empty bottle that was sitting on the back of the sink fell over. It made me jump. I was no where near that bottle and the other two sitting beside that one didn’t fall. FREAKY! I was putting the bottle back where it came from, when I heard the noise again. I turned back around and scanned the room. I got to the kitchen table and underneath it was my daughter. Her long hair half hiding her face. I was so taken by surprise that I jumped and yelled at the same time. She crawled out laughing her butt off at me. “You scared the crap out of me girl!” I yelled. “Look,  I have chill bumps all over me!” Which this made her laugh even harder and off she ran to tell her daddy about her victory.

Then last night, oldest came out and said that she was tired and going to go brush her teeth. It was only going on 9 p.m., usually I have to remind her that it is still a school night at 9:30 and she will milk it till 10:00. So she goes off to the bath to brush her teeth. I seen her pass by me several times, going to her room then back to the bath. At one point I lost track of which way she went. I asked my hubby if she had went to her room or still in the bath, he didn’t know either. Not wanting to holler for her to wake up the sleeping baby. I got up and went into her room. Her door was about half opened, which made me think she was in it. I pushed on the door and it wouldn’t go all the way to the wall. Something was stopping it. I pushed again, not real hard because I swear I thought it was her standing behind it. I giggled thinking she was gonna pop out but she never did. I must have pushed the door several times then I stepped back to look in the crack between door and frame. Expecting to see her standing there but I all got was a wall.

Confused now, I walked in the room and looked. Behind the door was a punch ball that she got on her birthday. I stood in the middle of her room, feeling really stupid that I thought she was back there. I grabbed the laptop and headed on into the living room. She finally emerged from the bath without any knowledge of what went on. We followed her into the room to give her goodnight kisses and hugs. Yes, she still wants us to do this! I broke. I told both of them what I had just done. They looked at each other and of course made fun of me. Nothing I said made myself sound any more sane. With all her shenanigans, what was I to expect? So, I gave up and went back to the living room.

Thanks for reading! 😜

  1. My family still kisses and hugs each other goodnight or goodbye. I hope your daughters never lose that need out of embarrassment. The great thing was I never realized it wasn’t normal for some people until I was in high school. However I wasn’t embarrassed I was sad for my friends.

    And I love being scared of a movie or telling stories but I do not like to be scared by someone. I will not go to haunted houses. 😀

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