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My 1o, soon to be 11 year old already has body issues. It drives me crazy. Today, we were getting ready to run up to the store to return a pair of shorts she had bought 2 days ago. She was getting dressed and had on a nice tank top. All of a sudden she goes back into the closet and comes out with a regular t shirt on. I asked what happened to the tank? She said the arm fat was too much so she changed. “What arm fat?” “That’s skin.”  I tell her.  “It’s hard to explain, I don’t know what to actually call the area but its shows when I wear tank tops,” she said. I tell her that she is so young, that her body will change and is changing and give it some time. I also tell her that no one will pay any attention to whatever she feels that is wrong. She wouldn’t have any thing to do with that and wouldn’t change out of the t shirt.

I bought her a pair of really cute pink shorts a few weeks ago, when everything went on clearance. She had been begging for jean shorts the whole summer, when we found these, they were marked down to 5 dollars, so we got them. They were just what she wanted…now she won’t wear them. The day we went to the zoo, she wore those shorts. She was looking so cute, then she sat in something. Something that I think had to of been chocolate. It was a small spot but noticeable on those bright pink shorts. It was right on the butt cheek, of course. When I told her to let me see if I could get it off, her dad kept making fun and saying she pooped or she sat in poop. So here I am out in broad daylight, with a baby wipe, trying to rub this brown spot off my daughters behind. She got so embarrassed, she kept telling her dad to quit saying those things, (he doesn’t know when to stop sometimes) and yelled at me to leave her alone. Her dad and I decided to go off and look at a few animals so she would get over being embarrassed and when we came back she had on her sweats she had worn earlier over top of them. I scrubbed on them damn shorts for atleast an hour the next day. It still wouldn’t all come out, and now there is a lovely white area surrounding the original dark spot. Would of been cool if there was other bleached spots on the shorts but no. So now, she refuses to wear the shorts. Even around the house, because of it. I tell her over and over that no one will notice, it’s just us. No big deal. Nope, she said those shorts were dead to her. *Rest in peace pink shorts. Rest in peace.*


The shorts that we were returning were bought to replace the the above mentioned shorts. This pair was also bright pink, but had a skull and cross bones on the front leg. She loved them, but didn’t try them on before buying. When she did try them they were too tight in the legs. These shorts were knit, how can knit be too tight. They had a very tight hem at the bottom. When she sat down to show me, she said now my legs look really fat. I just wanted to scream, OMG your not fat girl. I can tell you straight up about fat, You are not! My hubby told her to wear them and they might stretch out. She wouldn’t do it, so once again, she wanted nothing to do with them after that.

I am definitely not up on the tween styles of today. I was never one to run out and buy whatever style was “in” at the time, when I was her age. One of the styles in is crop tops.  I wore crop tops, but I was 16. My kid loves them…but won’t wear them. Now this I really don’t mind, because I think she is too young to be wearing something that shows too much skin. But her reason is that she says she has a tummy. It’s just a little pooch, nothing to worry about. She is pretty tall for her age. I try to get her to understand it’s only baby fat baby. The taller you get, it will disappear. “When?” she asks. “Well I don’t know, but it will.” I tell her trying to reassure her.  She doesn’t believe me, I can tell. She sees all these girls on disney and nick that have flat tummy’s and she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have one. I want to help her realize that she is just as pretty as they are. No matter what! Then today we seen a girl in the dollar tree, she looked to be about the same age. She had on a tank underneath a crop top. She had more of a pooch then my girl does. But the way she was wearing the outfit looked pretty good. When we got home, I asked her if she had paid attention to that girl and she said yes, and maybe she would try that next spring. God only knows what will be the “in” style next year. Frankly I am a little bit afraid to find out!

clothes clothes2

Last Halloween, Little L was only 4 months old, so she wasn’t doing much and sleeping alot more then she does now. This gave me time to spend some well needed quality time with the oldest. We were in Walmart one afternoon and just happened to see some Halloween cookie cutters. I grabbed them up and my oldest asked if we were going to make cookies. No I said, we are gonna make some ornaments.

We had found the old recipe for salt dough about a month or so earlier and made her and Little L’s hand print and foot print. That was pretty fun to say the least, so lets have more fun. The next day we got the items out and made up the salt dough. I let oldest do most of the cutting, but I think she liked playing with the dough more!halloween craft

halloween craft3       halloween craft2


I had the googley eyes and paints already. We spent the next afternoon painting and gluing. It was loads of fun! Can’t wait to get it out and hang it up again this year.

Here are some great ideas for using salt dough.      I love looking at these.



Grumpy Momma

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I have never been a morning person. Never. If I am awake before 7, and don’t have to be anywhere,  I am one grumpy person. Today is one of those days. I was awaken at 6:10 by a 15 month old with a wet diaper. Not wanting a repeat of Sunday morning, where she didn’t wake up and the diaper leaked a huge puddle on the bed. I woke up after putting my arm in it, of course. It was like she didn’t even have on a diaper, therefore I spent the morning washing the bed clothes. So today I sat up and started changing her. She fussed when I went to put her pajamas back on, but I managed to get them on with my eyes half shut. Then I told her to lie back down that it was still early. It was dark out from the clouds so I closed my eyes and silently prayed she would doze back off. Nope. Not this kid. She starts kicking me in the stomach. Not real hard, but just enough to say “hey I’m awake over here.” About 20 minutes later I grabbed the remote and turned on cartoons. It caught her attention and she stopped kicking. I turned over and fell back to sleep.

At around 7 she was standing in front of me with the loudest hiccups ever. They were so loud they echoed thru the room. Well crap,  I thought, her cup is in the kitchen. Ugh! I laid there trying to wake up and I grumped at her. It wasn’t her fault she had the hiccups but she started whining. I hate the whining!   I will be so happy when she can form more words and just tell me what is wrong. I got up and headed out the door with her right behind me. I found her water cup and got some fresh, told her to drink. It didn’t work. She still had those loud annoying things. I made her a bowl of cheerios. She ate almost all of them and the hiccups were gone. In the meantime, my mom appeared and asked why are we up so early. I was still grumpy and so I thought that it was a stupid question. But I have told her before that she gets me up around 7, we just don’t come out til 8. I tried my hardest not to snap at her, choosing my words carefully. “She woke up early” is all I could get out.

Oldest came out of her cave soon after that, so I decided to go ahead and get dressed, and start on some breakfast. Now it has taken me half the day to write this. With making breakfast, helping oldest with school work, listening to Little L whine, it has been one peach of a day. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that Little L takes a long nap and wakes up in a good mood. Cause there is only room for one grump in this house! 😉

We have been watching 31 days of Halloween on Syfy channel. Sometimes they have really good scary movies. Yesterday they showed Stephen Kings Rose Red. We watched even tho we have seen it several times before. I remember back in the early 2000’s, before we had our oldest daughter, we would watch AMC’s Monster Marathon every October. They would show all the greats. One Halloween, we lived in a small town where they blocked Main Street off the whole entire evening, just so the kids could trick or treat safely. This was the street we lived on and they meant business. We got cheap that year and didn’t buy any candy so we sat in a very dark house, watching scary movies on AMC all afternoon and evening. This house was also owned by a lady that thought the house was haunted. She told us all about seeing shadows and such in the mirror that hung over the fireplace. When she was telling me this, she was really super excited. I think she was hoping that I would be all into the ghost thing. Now I don’t have anything against it, but I didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go potty and see something in any mirror along the way. The damn thing hung directly across from our bedroom door too. So when I got up, I just kept my head down and focused on getting to the bathroom and back. Sometimes I ran! Luckily we didn’t live in that house for very long.

Even though I get easily spooked I still love watching scary movies. My hubby and I are addicted to them.  We never go to the movies, we always wait for them to come out on DVD, or Netflix or watch 32. When we finally got to see The Conjuring, that movie really messed me up for several nights. Having to get up to get little L her bottle around 2 to 3, I would be fine going into the kitchen, but then when I turned out the light, well that was a whole other story. Then there was this short story type movie on Facebook that got me too. You may have seen it, the lady is getting ready for bed she walks down the hall and turns out the light. Once she does that there is a figure standing at the other end of the hall. She switches on the light, it goes away. Turns it off, and it appears. She flips the light on and off again and then something walks past her. She runs to the bed and gets under the covers. Then the light in her room starts flickering. She reaches down and secures the plug in the socket and all is well. Until she takes the cover off her head and there by her nightstand is the creature staring at her and it turns out the light. I am sure I missed a few scenes but you get the picture. Now as I am typing this, I have chill bumps. Oh what I do to myself.

Our oldest is also easily spooked. She wants to watch scary movies with us so bad too. We let her watch Insidious when it came out on Netflix. She watched the whole thing and actually liked it. Except when it was time to go to bed and her dad made the scary smiley face that the dead people wore when the dad had to go in after his kid. Not his best dad moment. After alot of yelling and screaming, then telling her, over and over,  it was just a movie…she went to sleep.

halloween3  One of our family traditions is watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have watched this cartoon every year since I was a kid. I bought it after my oldest was born. She will watch it, but I can tell she isn’t into it like my brother and I were when we were her age. Now this year Little L gets to watch it with us. I can’t wait! I will watch just about anything that has to do with Halloween. From cartoons to all the tween shows on Disney channel with my girl. Besides scary movies, I love all things Halloween. Last year, where we went trick or treating at, they had a contest. There were some pretty awesome decorations, from Beetlejuice to a man wheelding a chainsaw. It was pretty cool and rather scary for the kids. They wouldn’t even go up to that guys door. Maybe that is why he did it.  I also love going to the stores and checking out all the cool things, and of course playing with them. If only I could have them all…


100_1589  100_1609

100_1604  100_1605

After arriving at the zoo, and the much needed pit stop, we wondered around for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do first. The oldest wanted to go to the barn area and pet a goat. I thought that this was funny since we owned horses when we lived in Las Vegas for awhile. We had a petting zoo in our back yard. We went to the barn yard and seen the goats, once we were in there, she didn’t want to stand in the line to go out to pet them. Hum, go figure! OK, so we made our way down to one of the little eatery’s and looked at the menu. We were getting pretty hungry but once we looked at the prices, our hunger pains went away. We did get some drinks and got the kids a pretzel to share. After that we left the area and went in a different direction so we totally missed the walk through of the monkey village and that was one thing I wanted to do.

We walked and walked and oh, did I mentioned we walked some more. The oldest seen her weird little monkey’s that she wanted to see, I got a couple of pictures but he was so tiny you can’t really see him in the cage. When going into that area, we totally missed the elephants. I was bummed. Little L was enjoying the ride looking at all the scenery and animals. Then we made the mistake of letting her walk…oh yea I am free, I know she thought. We had to wrestle her into the stroller more then once on this outing. When we got to the zebras and giraffes, we let her out and she was sitting on the bench being so good then all of a sudden she was down and running across the road. I was hot on her trail but she is very quick. I had my hubby and my mom yelling at me to get her. Like I wasn’t trying!

We missed one section of the park but it was just so big and we were all pretty tired. By the time we got to the top where the lions and tigers were, Little L had had enough. I gave her some lunch and she quickly passed out in the stroller. I was very happy about that. I know she was worn out, but the crying had to stop. She wanted out of that stroller so bad, but no one felt like chasing her anymore. Oldest wore the wrong shoes, so she spent the last part limping around. In my checking and rechecking of the bag, I forgot to pack her flip flops.

All in all we had a great time. We hit the gift shop on our way out and ewed and awed over all the high priced merchandise. The kids got a t-shirt a piece from their grandma, then we left. All of us were limping thru the parking lot except for little L who was still sleeping peacefully in her stroller.


037                                                           043


063                                                           076

Oldest posing with the Zebra’s.                                                                                                      Walking up to the Lion and Tiger area.


091 Sporting her new t-shirt and enjoying some nilla wafers.


Made a trip up to the good ole Walmart today for my mom to pick up a few things, and my oldest wanted to stop in Party City to look at their Halloween costumes. She has decided to be a Zomberella. What the heck is a Zomberella, you ask? Well, it is a cross between Zombie and I guess, Cinderella. The dress is black with scull and cross bones on the top. Every year she always goes for the dark costumes. I really wanted her to go with something that had more color. We looked on the wall for something Little L might like. Of course at that age, everything is so cute. We picked out 3 that we liked, a bunny, a kitty and a cute candy corn outfit.  I really liked the bunny but I am afraid it will be too hot and Little L isn’t going to let me put and keep anything on her head. The kitty outfit was really pretty but my hubby said no…that left the candy corn, its a dress, but it is very bright and colorful. I want something easy, in and out! We seen a candy corn outfit for the teens and it was really cute too. I tried to talk oldest into it and thought I had her, but my dear sweet hubby chimed in and said “let her dress the way she wants.” Which was really funny cause he would never say that any other time.  Then we went on and played with the Halloween masks and accessories. Oldest got a tube of black lipstick. She has been wanting some for awhile. When she found it, she was a happy girl. Little L got a purple candy bucket. May not go with her outfit we finally decide on, but hey it was a dollar, so who could complain.

Last year, oldest dressed as a witch.  She found a costume that was pretty colorful and the bottom of it lit up. When it came time to go out, we couldn’t get the darn thing to work at all. Figures!  I thought. I really wanted to see it sparkle out in the dark. I remember going to this one house and I stood off to the side and I heard the couple giving out candy tell her that she was the prettiest witch that they had seen all night. It was getting late too, so that made her feel pretty special,  even tho it wasn’t lit and sparkly.

My hubby came across a Michael Myers mask in the store today and tried it on. We have talked about him dressing as him almost every Halloween. When I was pregnant with oldest, I had a dream that my sweet hubby was actually Michal Myers and he was chasing me, trying to *swallow* kill me.  I still remember that dream, even tho it has been 10 almost 11 years. Back when we lived in Vegas, we had a big front yard with a good size tree. We had tons of tick or treaters. I told him that he needed to dress like that and stand beside the tree as they approach. Just stand, nothing else, and see who was actually paying attention or just after candy. I really miss living there, we always got complements on our decorations too. Last year, we bought a ton of candy and didn’t have one person show up. We had so many back in Vegas, we had to turn out the light early cause we ran out. Oh well, we showed them. We ate all that candy by ourselves. 😉


Our family outing to the Zoo earlier this week was pretty nice. Since it was a school field trip, it only cost us 2 bucks a piece. Yes, you heard it 2 bucks! I could not believe it myself until I RSVP’d and confirmed the price. It was a bit of a drive for us, but with that price, who cares, right? The weather has finally cooled down a touch here, the nights are in the 60’s and the days are in the low 80’s. Perfect weather!

My oldest has been to a couple of zoo’s but she was 4 the last time we went, so this trip was long overdue.  Oldest was most excited to go. She looked up the zoo website and they had these little monkeys that she really wanted to see. We got up at 6 a.m., well let me put it this way, I got up at 6a.m. Oldest didn’t get out of bed till 6:40 although she said she would get up before 6 to make sure I was up. She stinks at being an alarm clock, I must add.  Hubby got up around 6:30 too, after I nagged him to death about it. We had mapped out the route the night before and he said he wanted to leave around 7:30. We were told to be at the main gate no later then 8:45. So with rush hour traffic and us living a good 40 minutes away, he wanted plenty of leeway. Now any other morning, my little L would be bright eyed and bushy tail come 7 a.m. Over the weekend she was wide awake before 7, both days. This particular morning, she wanted to sleep in, and it took the oldest and I both to wake her up. She sat on the bed staring at us. Total confusion in her tiny face. She finally made her way off the bed and then got really excited that everyone was up. She started playing ball, carrying it all around the kitchen and living room, wanting someone to bounce it or kick it so she could run after it. I was trying to get her to eat, but that wasn’t happening. Too much goings on! I went ahead and got dressed then quickly made her a bottle of milk. She drank with out any fuss. I was just glad she had something on her tummy. (This girl is used to 3 course meals in the morning.)

We were all ready by 7:30 when my hubby announces that he is going to go have a cigarette before we leave. UGH! I couldn’t believe I was killing myself to be ready by the time he said then it just comes to a halt. Well atleast it gave me time to check and recheck if I had everything for everybody. 10 minutes later we were loading up the truck. We started out pretty good, but then hubby had a bright idea to go this side street which then turns into the freeway. He didn’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam, so he makes a right turn onto another street that curves around and goes the opposite direction that we needed to go. After several minutes we get going the right way and we are making good time with the stop lights and all. But time is ticking away and the GPS kept saying the same amount of minutes altho we were getting closer. Which was making me nervous. It was 8:40 and we still had a few miles left before the turn off. My hubby then gets mad and says that they shouldn’t have people rushing through morning traffic. I told him I thought we were going to leave at 7:30. He then says I thought you said we didn’t have to be there till 9. OMG man, don’t you listen. I told him repeatedly, what time we had to be there. Within a few minutes of that drama, we were pulling into the parking lot. There were tons of people unloading and strollers going everywhere. Kids 2 and under are free and these momma’s were definitely taking advantage of that. We parked and I grabbed my bag and the oldest, and we headed up to the main gate. The teachers had on school t-shirts, luckily, so I got in line to pay and get our names checked off. We made it there right before 9, but they didn’t let us in the gate till 9:30. Then everybody was free to go their own way. And we did. We went the way that said restroom cause this momma had to go!

Stay tuned for Part 2. 🙂