Fun Halloween Craft

Posted: October 8, 2014 in crafts, family, Halloween, kids, Uncategorized
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Last Halloween, Little L was only 4 months old, so she wasn’t doing much and sleeping alot more then she does now. This gave me time to spend some well needed quality time with the oldest. We were in Walmart one afternoon and just happened to see some Halloween cookie cutters. I grabbed them up and my oldest asked if we were going to make cookies. No I said, we are gonna make some ornaments.

We had found the old recipe for salt dough about a month or so earlier and made her and Little L’s hand print and foot print. That was pretty fun to say the least, so lets have more fun. The next day we got the items out and made up the salt dough. I let oldest do most of the cutting, but I think she liked playing with the dough more!halloween craft

halloween craft3       halloween craft2


I had the googley eyes and paints already. We spent the next afternoon painting and gluing. It was loads of fun! Can’t wait to get it out and hang it up again this year.

Here are some great ideas for using salt dough.      I love looking at these.



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