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We have been watching 31 days of Halloween on Syfy channel. Sometimes they have really good scary movies. Yesterday they showed Stephen Kings Rose Red. We watched even tho we have seen it several times before. I remember back in the early 2000’s, before we had our oldest daughter, we would watch AMC’s Monster Marathon every October. They would show all the greats. One Halloween, we lived in a small town where they blocked Main Street off the whole entire evening, just so the kids could trick or treat safely. This was the street we lived on and they meant business. We got cheap that year and didn’t buy any candy so we sat in a very dark house, watching scary movies on AMC all afternoon and evening. This house was also owned by a lady that thought the house was haunted. She told us all about seeing shadows and such in the mirror that hung over the fireplace. When she was telling me this, she was really super excited. I think she was hoping that I would be all into the ghost thing. Now I don’t have anything against it, but I didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go potty and see something in any mirror along the way. The damn thing hung directly across from our bedroom door too. So when I got up, I just kept my head down and focused on getting to the bathroom and back. Sometimes I ran! Luckily we didn’t live in that house for very long.

Even though I get easily spooked I still love watching scary movies. My hubby and I are addicted to them.  We never go to the movies, we always wait for them to come out on DVD, or Netflix or watch 32. When we finally got to see The Conjuring, that movie really messed me up for several nights. Having to get up to get little L her bottle around 2 to 3, I would be fine going into the kitchen, but then when I turned out the light, well that was a whole other story. Then there was this short story type movie on Facebook that got me too. You may have seen it, the lady is getting ready for bed she walks down the hall and turns out the light. Once she does that there is a figure standing at the other end of the hall. She switches on the light, it goes away. Turns it off, and it appears. She flips the light on and off again and then something walks past her. She runs to the bed and gets under the covers. Then the light in her room starts flickering. She reaches down and secures the plug in the socket and all is well. Until she takes the cover off her head and there by her nightstand is the creature staring at her and it turns out the light. I am sure I missed a few scenes but you get the picture. Now as I am typing this, I have chill bumps. Oh what I do to myself.

Our oldest is also easily spooked. She wants to watch scary movies with us so bad too. We let her watch Insidious when it came out on Netflix. She watched the whole thing and actually liked it. Except when it was time to go to bed and her dad made the scary smiley face that the dead people wore when the dad had to go in after his kid. Not his best dad moment. After alot of yelling and screaming, then telling her, over and over,  it was just a movie…she went to sleep.

halloween3  One of our family traditions is watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have watched this cartoon every year since I was a kid. I bought it after my oldest was born. She will watch it, but I can tell she isn’t into it like my brother and I were when we were her age. Now this year Little L gets to watch it with us. I can’t wait! I will watch just about anything that has to do with Halloween. From cartoons to all the tween shows on Disney channel with my girl. Besides scary movies, I love all things Halloween. Last year, where we went trick or treating at, they had a contest. There were some pretty awesome decorations, from Beetlejuice to a man wheelding a chainsaw. It was pretty cool and rather scary for the kids. They wouldn’t even go up to that guys door. Maybe that is why he did it.  I also love going to the stores and checking out all the cool things, and of course playing with them. If only I could have them all…


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