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For the Love of Bacon

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This morning the oldest comes out of her cave and sets down across from me while I was feeding Little L. We do our usual good mornings. Then she says, “I think I’ll skip breakfast today.” Oh really why?” I asked. “Just not that hungry.” *pause* I could tell she is thinking. “Unless we are having bacon. Then I want some, 2 pieces, no make it 3!” She added with a gleam in her eye. “You can have 2, save some for someone else.” I said, laughing. She headed back to her cave.


As I was making the bacon, she made her usual pass through. “I smell bacon!” She sang, smiling at me. “Yep, its cooking.” I smiled back. She headed back to her cave again. I had just put the bacon on the plate, when I heard her door open. It was like she had ESB, Extra Sensory Baconception. Her bacon sense must have been tingling! I smiled and said, “It’s done, but it’s hot!” Now she won’t pick up the first piece she comes too, NOOOO, she has to touch every single piece on the plate. I look at her and she says, “You know I only like the crispy ones.” I know kid, oh how I know. She gets her 2 pieces and  goes back to the cave.

When she comes back with an empty plate, I ask her, “You want some of daddy’s fried potatoes? They are done.” “Yep, I’ll take some.” So I put some on a plate and then she heads out. She comes back within minutes and says can I have a piece of toast. “Yes, honey, you can have a piece of toast.” By now, I’m thinking what the hell happened to no breakfast. She makes her toast and then goes back to her room. She once again emerges with an empty plate. I ask her, “Are you done now, are you full?” “Yep.” A few seconds later, “Is there any bacon left?” She asks wondering around the kitchen. “Nope, it’s gone.” I told her. “OK” she says. “You know I love bacon.”  Yes kid, I know! 😉




Enjoying some quiet time, Little L has been sleeping for awhile. In walks hubby…

Hubby: She’s still sleeping?

Me: Yep, been like 2 hours.

Hubby: Have you checked on her?

Me: Yes… sis has been in and out of the room too.

Hubby: Maybe you should see if she’s breathing.

Me: My Lord, she is.  *sits for a minute, thinking, starts to worry*

I get up, go in bedroom. I move the pillow oh so slightly to see her face. She jumps awake. Sits up, looks at me like I’m the most evilest mother for disturbing her.

Me: I’m sorry baby, daddy made me.

She crawls away to the other side of the bed.

I hear the door open. It’s my hubby escaping.


I hear a faint “you’re welcome”, as the door shuts.

Creepy Bassinet

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One of my blogs I wrote  this past Sunday, was about Hand-Me-Downs. Yesterday, on the Daily Post they wanted people to write about Hand-Me-Downs and they would post it on their site. I was sooooo happy. One, I had already wrote it and Two,  it really means alot to me. I wasn’t sure how to do a pingback, but I guess I figured it out, since I just found it on their site.

Well, I was reading some of the other posts and I got to thinking about another hand-me-down that was given to me,  but I didn’t want to keep it. It actually scared the crap out of me! We had these friends that had 3 girls and she had given me lots of little onesies and stuff. One day they asked if I wanted a bassinet. I said sure, would love it! My hubby was going into town and he was going to stop by and pick it up. When he brought it back, I was like, what the hell is that? He said he knew I wouldn’t want it, but he took it anyways, just to be nice. I can still remember it, like it was yesterday. It was white, but kinda dirty and it was definitely old. It was made out of wicker, I believe. I told my hubby, no wonder they didn’t want it anymore, its CREEPY! No way was I gonna put our kid in that thing. It looked like something you would see in a scary movie, like Freddy Kruger came to mind. Yes, it was that bad!

My hubby said if I didn’t want it that he would just take it out and get rid of it. They didn’t want it back. He didn’t have to say it twice, I told him to get rid of it. Burn it, it was just too spooky looking.  He took it out back and threw it on a pile of other stuff he was going to burn. Now this is another scary part, as soon as he lit the pile, it bursted into flames and black smoke billowed from it. OMG I couldn’t believe it. What if I had kept it and put my baby in it, what if somehow…I can’t even bring myself to type it much less say it. I think you get the point though.

After that, I didn’t take anything else from them. I was too scared what it might look like. 🙂

Tail waggin’

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Watching Little L trying to get around the dog. She pushes on his side and he starts wagging his tail. Which in turn, starts hitting her in the face. I turned to the oldest and said, “I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or laugh.”  We both laughed! Is that bad?

You know how the saying goes, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets poked in the eye!” And just like the title reads…it hurts and it hurts bad.

I was helping my oldest with her school work one morning and we were kinda goofing off, I have to say. When I leaned in at the same time she threw her arm up to put it around me. I saw her finger coming right towards my face and luckily ducked in time. We had a good laugh about it and went back to the lesson.

A few hours later, my hubby came in and we were in the kitchen talking about what went on that morning. He was standing at the sink getting ready to cut up a cantaloupe when Little L wanted to be picked up. I scooped her up, and continued talking with hubby. I then remembered the near miss that oldest and I had earlier that day. Right in the middle of the story, Little L started squirming and I turned to look at her, at the same time she flipped around and her tiny little baby finger poked me square in the left eye.

I immediately yelped and put her down. “She just poked me in the eye!” I stated, trying to hold back tears. My hubby said “Are you ok? Don’t cry.” Which was too late, I was in tears running to the bathroom. OMG I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. What the hell did that kid have on her finger? I got to the bathroom and washed it out. It was stinging like mad. After a bit more washing, it was starting to feel better and I could open it. All through the rest of the day, off and on, my eye would just pain. It felt like dirt had been thrown into it. I hadn’t felt anything like this since I got my Lasik back in 2007.

That night, my eye started watering. Just gushing water down my cheek. My hubby got me an ice cold wash rag and I had to hold it on my eye off and on for over 2 hours. I didn’t think I was ever going to get it to stop and go to sleep.  It got so bad, that I couldn’t even open it, unless I washed it out first with water. Then it started swelling. Oh yea, it swelled almost shut in like a few minutes. I finally fell asleep after 2 a.m. and I was dreading what it was going to look like in the morning.

When I got up, it was still swollen but not anymore then what it had that night. That was good, I thought. But, my plans for the day was to go grocery shopping. Joy! Someone is gonna think I got punched in the freaking eye! It watered on and off for a couple of hours then all of a sudden stopped. It was still puffy and red, but atleast I could see to drive. I went on to the store and no one asked what happened. Like they would believe your 13 month old did that much damage. My eye healed over the next day or so but I now I have a lovely twitch from time to time. My oldest pointed out that I have a vein that sticks out on my eyelid that was not there before.

So beware folks. Don’t let those cute little faces and sweet baby smiles fool ya. They can turn on you in a sec and then you too will have a poke in the ole eye! 😉

poke in the eye

After reading so many wonderful blogs, I decided I wanted to try my hand at it. I haven’t been writing for long, when low and behold I get nominated for an award. I was nominated by Meaningful Mommy.     I have enjoyed reading her writings, so I hope you will stop by and take some time to peak through her site.



The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog.

2. List the rules and display the award image.

3. Include 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.  This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love.

5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.


7 Facts about me:

1. I lived in Germany when I was 19 for about 3 years.

2. I am addicted to scrapbooking. I have two beautiful subjects so it is lots of fun.

3. I love the beach, even though I have only been there a handful of times.

4. I am very shy at first, but once you get to know me, I won’t shut up.

5. I have lived in 6 different states over the past 16 years.

6. I haven’t worked for a year and a half. When I did, I was a Customer Service Manager at good ole Walmart.

7. When I started writing my blog, I was worried that no one would read it. Here I am being nominated for an Award. Yeah!


Here are my nominations for One Lovely Blog Award:

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 I have found lots of good reads on these sights. Thank you all for sharing, and I hope this brings more readers and followers your way!! 🙂

*There is no time limit for passing this award on to others.*

Your fellow blogger,



A garment or other item that has been passed on from another person.


I dressed little L in her big sister’s hand-me-down dress today. It’s sleeveless, with dark pink, yellow and green flowers, so dainty looking. She is so adorable in it. Of course, I am a bit biased, being mommy and all! I got out my scrapbook that I have of her sister, and found the pictures I took so long ago. The pictures of my little T, dancing about the yard, one hot summer morning. We were staying at my mom’s house back in West Virginia that summer. We were on our way out west and wanted her to get to know her granddaughter before we left in the fall.

It is funny how when you get an image in your mind, a memory, if you will, of someone, then look at a picture and you realize that your memories were of what you wanted, not what you got. I remembered her smiling and dancing around, and I could have sworn she had a purse and sunglasses on. Oh yea, she did, but that was a different day, a different dress.  She was dancing in the pic, but not really smiling. I then  remembered it being so hot and humid that morning. She was patiently waiting on us to get ready to go shopping. I could see it in her eyes, she was not thrilled about the whole thing. Her face was much thinner then I remembered also. Little L’s face is rounder, but then I remember too, that Little L is only 14 and a half months old. Little T was atleast 20 months, maybe more. Oh gosh, Little L is wearing 18 months at 14 months, that’s not good, I thought. Little T was always taller then most so I always had to buy bigger with her, and still do.

I only kept a small amount of Little T’s baby clothes. I carried all them around for several years, and thought I would never  have another baby. (Well never say never!)  I gave away tons of clothes, some even had the tags still on them. I only kept what was really sentimental to me. When Little L was born, she was a summer baby, where Little T was a fall baby. I couldn’t bring L home in long sleeves, not here in the desert. Some of the outfits have worked out tho. I kept a handful of onesies that Little L still sleeps in at night. They are getting a little tight on her, but should last until fall finally hits here and we have to switch to long pants.

My big idea was to take some pictures of Little L today wearing that same pretty little dress. In my mind, I wanted her to dance around and be silly and laugh. I would just stand back and snap away. Little L had different plans. She needed a nap in a bad way, so no pictures of her smiling.  I would just have to wait till later, after her nap. I did get a few frowns and cries. She was trying to get my camera in most of them, as usual.

As I was putting Little L down for that much needed nap, I got to thinking how my mom never kept anything I wore when I was a toddler. Other then shoes. I found a couple of pairs not long ago, that she says my brothers and I both wore. But no outfits, no cute little dresses, no frilly little hats. This made me kinda sad, but at the same time I was happy that I did actually keep some things from Little T’s toddler days, and I will keep some things from Little L’s also. Hopefully they will cherish those items and let their baby’s wear those wonderful old hand-me-downs.


The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Hand-Me-Downs


3-Ring Circus

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Most of the time, life around her feels like a 3-ring circus. I, of course, am the ringmaster, but really, I’m just the bearded lady in disguise!!

Getting through mealtime is a circus act in itself. Little L
is learning how to feed herself with a spoon. Here, I become a good juggler. Trying to keep the bowl and spoon from landing on the floor or more importantly, in my hair. Keeping the food from flying across the room with the greatest of ease is also another trick that I am mastering.

She plays the part of the strongest baby pretty well. She can get a firm grip on the spoon and will not let go. A wrestling match quickly ensues. I try not to give in, but she is quick and very stubborn. She will hold on with all her might!

Some times its all I can do to get little L’s attention and keep her focused. Especially if everyone is in the room at the same time. I have contemplated standing on my head or stringing up a tightrope, and do a crazy balancing act, while bending backwards. I think that might just do the trick.

Throughout the day, the oldest will emerge from her cave, usually looking for food. That’s when I become the lion tamer.  Throwing food her way until she transforms back into my sweet baby girl that I love.

When daddy comes in, the spotlight is on him, and so begins the chaos. Little L wanting him to pick her up, (like right now mister). Then the dog has to join in,  jumping all around. His size reminds me of a herd of elephants. You have to be careful or you will get trampled by his big feet.

At the end of our show day, when the lights go down and all is calm, there is no standing ovations for me. I clean up the mess that was left behind and drag my tired butt to bed.

Last night my daughter wanted to go to the park. “Please mommy lets go. We haven’t been there for so long.” It was true, since this summer had been so hot, we have stayed in doors for the most part. We went alot in the spring, little L was starting to walk and she loved exploring. My oldest wanted me to pinky swear that we would go, I told her I would think abour it.

Well, dinner got off to a late start so no, we didn’t go. Oldest gave me the silent treatment for awhile. (Man do I get those alot around here.) After her shower, I sat her down and told her we would go in the morning. “You promise,” she asked. “Yes, we will go in the morning after breakfast.” Doing online school does have its advantages, ya know.
When I was tucking her in last night she said that she wanted me to pinky swear. I asked why. “Because you always tell me if I pinky swear I can’t go back on it.” Ok so I pinky swore we would go.

We made it there about 10 a.m. It was already hot, but it was fine. We got on the swings first. It was nice, just the two of us. Spending some much needed quality time together. Then she started talking about the first time we came to this park. She was swinging and her dad and I were pushing little L in her stroller. It was starting to get windy so her dad told her we were ready to go. She was trying to get her swing to stop, and somehow, her foot got caught on the rubber matting stuff and she flipped out of the swing and face planted underneath it. She was lying on the ground, looking at us with a *what just happened?* expression. “OMG are you ok?” we both said. She said yes, slowly got up and dusted her self off. Luckily she didn’t cry, even though I think she would have liked too. I know I would have! But today when we talked about it, we laughed so hard. She was like, “Leave it to me to be the only one to face plant. And how the heck did I end up under the swing??” “Hey everyones looking at me, I must be so popular!” I lost it when she said that, laughed so hard I had to stop swinging in fear that I would do the same. 🙂

She started playing with some younger kids who were there with their mom, and I went on a walk around the parks perimeter. As I was walking, I was thinking about what a great kid she is. She can definitely be a handful at times, but I wouldn’t change her. I was happy that she did make me pinky swear!


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When my little L was getting close to her 1st Birthday, I had made up my mind to make her cake myself. Years ago, I had made her sister her first cake, so I wanted it to be a special tradition. After the first one, it is store bought with all the cute little themes and toys on top.

Now for the one I made 8 years ago, it was a simple one layer cake, nothing fancy. It was a white cake with white icing. I know, usually you get chocolate for the first time on that special day, but believe me, she didn’t miss a thing. She gets plenty of chocolate! I remember her birthday really well. She sat in her highchair and actually ate with a spoon. We even put peaches on it, which she loved. Yes peaches…my husband has always said, peaches with cake, ice cream with pie. Try it, you’ll see! 🙂

Over the years, I have been trying to be a little more on the creative side. I decided to go online and try to find some ideas for 1st birthdays. I found several, mostly too advanced for my creative skills to handle. (Like who are you kidding? Betty Crocker lives here or something!) After searching for sometime, I came upon a video on how to make the cake look like the number one. Yes, this is it! I thought. Something unique for her special day! I saved a diaper box for the cardboard, you know, the giant economy size box. I wanted to have enough space. One side to lay the cake on and one side to cut the number out of. With the help of my hubby, (he did all of the work), the number cutout was pretty much perfect.

I went to the store and picked out the cake mix, the one with the rainbow sprinkles in the mix. My oldest helped pick out the icing. We went with purple. Then we got some that came in cans so we could decorate the outer edge and write her name. The night before I baked it up and let it set till morning. While she took her nap, my husband, my oldest and I got the 1 design cut out. Moving it to the foil covered cardboard was a bit of a problem. It wanted to fall apart. So we smooshed it back together and opened the icing. YIKES! I didn’t think about letting it set in the fridge overnight, it had melted and was almost runny. We started putting it on anyways, and it just got worse. The icing was dripping and the cake falling apart. I was so upset. My husband kept telling me it would be ok once all the icing was on. So we plugged along, and actually started to laugh about the whole thing.


After putting all the icing on and using the cans around the edges, we realized what we needed was more icing!  We all piled into the van, little L wearing her “It’s My Birthday” t-shirt. All set for her day. Actually, she didn’t have a clue and was happy to get to go for a ride. We bought more of the cans to finish the edges and I bought another tub of the purple just for good measure. Then daddy had to take us into the toys. He put the birthday girl on the floor and told her to pick out a toy. She went straight for an Elmo doll. He sings a song and the abc’s and tells about shapes and colors. She was dancing in the isle to the song, over and over. We had a winner!

After adding a ton more icing, (I think we over did it),  we finally finished the cake and was ready for opening of the presents. Little L  was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t seem to get into the spirit of things. My oldest by now was mad, ’cause I told her she could have a piece of cake and it was taking forever to get to that point. Birthday girl didn’t eat her cake with a spoon, she would rather play with the spoon then use it the way I show her. She ate with her hands, which was fine and this kid is not crazy about peaches. Give her watermelon tho and she will tear it up, I tell ya what! .

All in all we survived. The baby got new toys, the oldest got her cake and I, well I got the joy of cleaning everything up!