Baby Bucket List

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Babies, Daughter, funny, humor, kids, toddlers, Uncategorized
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Little L can officially mark pooping in the tub off her bucket list.  Yep the little stinker, or crapper, did it to me last night.

We were enjoying a nice bath, I was watching her play with some toys and all of a sudden she lets out a couple of little toots. She looks at me and I laughed. Then came the grunt. Oh snap she is gonna crap! I jumped up to grab the towel and before I could turn around, she was sitting in the water, pooping away. I scooped her up, not caring about getting any on me, wrapped the towel around her and headed off to the bedroom. We made it to the diaper before any more came out. WHEW!

She was definitely on a role, because that morning, I woke up feeling something warm on my side. I touched it, it was also wet. Hum…I thought, in my sleepy slumber…warm and wet. Ahhhh, her diaper leaked!!  I jumped up and sure enough, her diaper runneth over and it was all over me!  So we can mark that off her bucket list also.

Ok kid, anymore surprises? I need to read this bucket list you got going on!   🙂




  1. Haha, oh snap she’s gonna crap! Made me giggle. My daughter has also left me presents in her tub…I’m much wiser now and have learned to recognize her poop face! 🙂

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  2. midgetllama says:

    Haha! Oh my, I can’t wait for that stuff. #notreally

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  3. LOL! When my oldest was a baby, I was taking a bath WITH him when he had explosive diarrhea! Not fun… Oh, and the reason we were in the tub together at 3am was because he had already puked all over the both of us. Fun times.


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