Creepy Bassinet

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Babies, blog, funny, humor, kids, Uncategorized
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One of my blogs I wrote  this past Sunday, was about Hand-Me-Downs. Yesterday, on the Daily Post they wanted people to write about Hand-Me-Downs and they would post it on their site. I was sooooo happy. One, I had already wrote it and Two,  it really means alot to me. I wasn’t sure how to do a pingback, but I guess I figured it out, since I just found it on their site.

Well, I was reading some of the other posts and I got to thinking about another hand-me-down that was given to me,  but I didn’t want to keep it. It actually scared the crap out of me! We had these friends that had 3 girls and she had given me lots of little onesies and stuff. One day they asked if I wanted a bassinet. I said sure, would love it! My hubby was going into town and he was going to stop by and pick it up. When he brought it back, I was like, what the hell is that? He said he knew I wouldn’t want it, but he took it anyways, just to be nice. I can still remember it, like it was yesterday. It was white, but kinda dirty and it was definitely old. It was made out of wicker, I believe. I told my hubby, no wonder they didn’t want it anymore, its CREEPY! No way was I gonna put our kid in that thing. It looked like something you would see in a scary movie, like Freddy Kruger came to mind. Yes, it was that bad!

My hubby said if I didn’t want it that he would just take it out and get rid of it. They didn’t want it back. He didn’t have to say it twice, I told him to get rid of it. Burn it, it was just too spooky looking.  He took it out back and threw it on a pile of other stuff he was going to burn. Now this is another scary part, as soon as he lit the pile, it bursted into flames and black smoke billowed from it. OMG I couldn’t believe it. What if I had kept it and put my baby in it, what if somehow…I can’t even bring myself to type it much less say it. I think you get the point though.

After that, I didn’t take anything else from them. I was too scared what it might look like. 🙂

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