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Funny Thing about a Toddler…

Posted: August 30, 2014 in funny, kids, toddlers

When a toddler falls down, and face plants, they can get up, shake it off, and keep on going.
When I do it, first I cry, then I wish I could curl up in a ball and roll away!




1. They are sick.

2. Great, now I’m gonna be sick.

3. All the whining and crying.

4. All my whining and crying.

5. Finding out you only have enough medicine for one dose for one kid.

6. Go to store to buy medicine, tissues and juice. Return home and realize you forgot tissues and the juice.

7. Chasing around the little ones just to wipe snotty noses.

8. Telling the older kids to pick up their mountain of snotty used tissues.

9. Telling them to wash their hands after picking up the mountain of snotty used tissues.

10. Goes ahead and picks up the mountain of snotty used tissues yourself.

11. Forgets to wash hands.

12. Wishing that someone would take care of me now that I am sick.