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Word Malfunction

Posted: August 26, 2014 in funny, kids, parenting
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My oldest daughter can be pretty funny sometimes. The best part is, she doesn’t even realize how funny she can be.

About a month ago, we were playing Just Dance 3 on the Xbox. And she wanted to take a selfie. I don’t know why, just all of a sudden had that urge. The lighting was bad in the living room so she ran off to the bathroom. She came back several minutes later to show me the pics.  All three looked about the same, she was staring into the mirror trying to look cute and all, but on every one of them, there was a spot right on her eyeball. I asked what it was, not thinking that hey lady, you need to clean that mirror once in awhile.

She started talking and instead of saying the spot on her eyeball was actually on the mirror, she called it a pupil. Now this is the funny part, instead of saying pupil she said poopil. Then she tried to correct herself, and she said it again. I was laughing so hard and in her frustration said it a third time. She yelled, pointing at her eye, “MY POOPIL”, “MY POOPIL!”  

She said it so much that it was starting to sound like poop hole. OMG I was done, I could hardly breathe at this point. Tears streaming down my face! It took me several minutes to recover, she was laughing, but I think it was mostly at me being in hysterics over a simple word malfunction.

AHHHH Good times!