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Spaghetti for dinner

Posted: August 22, 2014 in parenting

Daughter:  Whats for dinner?

Me:  Spaghetti

Daughter:  Ahhh! Spaghetti again!

Me:  We haven’t had it for awhile, it’s good.

Daughter:  No it’s not. It’s yucky with the noodles and the sauce and hamburger chunks.

Me:  You can still eat it. It won’t hurt you.

*looks at me like I’m nuts*

Daughter:  I’ll just eat something else.

Me:  Like what?

*no answer*

I get up and make dinner. When it’s done…

Daughter:  Ok, I’ll eat some, just the noodles tho, with cheese, no sauce.

Me:  That’s fine.  *makes bowl*  you want garlic bread right?

Daughter:  Oh no I don’t like it.

Me: *face palms*  you loved it last time…..